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So ideally wedding hairstyles need to suit your dress too. If you have an delicate or elaborate neckline on your dress, then hair that is pulled away from the face may be key to the overall look.

This allows everybody to appreciate the dress' intricate and feminine design. So let’s chat wedding dress necklines for a moment.

High-Necked Wedding Dresses

High-necked dresses like turtle necks and some halter necks tend to wrap around the base of your neck. The best option for these dresses would be an up do to give the neckline more visibility.

Wedding Dresses with a V-neck

A V-neck dress can show off more skin or even a glimpse of a cleavage. If the neckline requires showing off then definitely choose an up do that keeps your hair from interfering with it. Otherwise, half-up, half-down hairstyles are also good for these dresses. Both of these hairstyles will pull your hair away from your face and provide more feminine look with loose locks flowing behind you. A half up/half down is a classic combination that will help soften the lines of a v-neckline.

Round and Square Necklines Wedding Dresses

This neckline will show off your shoulders and provide a soft and flattering look. Most of these dresses normally feature an array of sleeve styles. These necklines work best with free-flowing hairstyles that are simple and may include braids or twists. They are best worn with your hair pulled off your collar or just away from your face, but for a more exotic look, curls around your shoulders will work well

Photo by David Fenwick Photography

Strapless Necklines Wedding Dresses

Strapless dresses will always offer a lovely display of your shoulders and frame your face. A strapless neckline is so versatile and pretty much works well with both up do and free-flowing hairstyles. With strapless dresses, having so much scope with your hairstyle, you can determined the look you want to achieve in many ways.

For a more sexier look, then go for an up do hairstyle to show more skin but if you want a more conservative look then you should consider having your hair down in free-flowing curls.

Lets be honest however, even if you don’t follow these simple do’s and don'ts, every bridal hair looks beautiful. I have never heard anyone say lovely dress, great hair, but they don’t go together, so I guess whilst there is this kind of advice out here to help, you wear what style suits you and fits your personality.

So how do you find the perfect hairstyle.

Follow blogs, and social accounts of bridal hair experts. You’ll see 100’s of gorgeous pictures that will fill you with inspiration. Pinterest is a great resource.

Also people like Sylwia, Instagram @sylwiakunyszmua that has been a bridal hair designer and expert for as long as you can imagine.

If you’ll be wearing tiaras, crowns, or veils, you may want to look at wedding hairstyles that have been dressed with a veil. Ideally if you have a hairstyle that you can remove the veil for the evening, that would be ideal as wearing a veil all day and evening can get tiring, if its long.

Think of your wedding style, your outfit and just make sure that it has some cohesion with each other.

Don’t forget that for one day of your life and you just want to go all out and you want a style your hair is too short for, consider extensions. It will help get the style you want for that one day. If there is one day you can get away with anything, it’s your wedding day.

If you have naturally beautiful shiny hair in great condition, then don’t pick a hairstyle that will hide it away, wear it with pride

iIf you read my last blog on how to look after your locks and saw what styles suit your face and know you know what styles suits what neckline on your dress, you can wander over to our blog that gives you plenty of tips on what to think about before you go out shopping for your perfect wedding dress.

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