Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life, from the moment of your engagement, through to the big day itself, you should love every moment of the journey.



Hello, I'm Sian, the Director and owner of BusyBrides, lovely to meet you. 

My story starts 25 years ago when I fell into events and eventually decided to specialise in weddings.  From my very first event ever, I saved my employer £10,000 on their budget, so the one thing I do know is that I am good at keeping your budget in check.  I have planned weddings from £30k to £120k and managed weddings from 5 to up to just over 500 and I'm proud to say too that I fully embrace all colour, culture and diversity in all forms and I feel strongly that there should be equality in all Marriages.

I firmly believe that in life when you are passionate enough about something you excel at it, and that is why I am still planning events 25 years later and providing wonderful memories for my couples for years to come.

One of my favourite things to hear from my couples after their wedding, is that their guests have also said that it is the best wedding that have ever been to, and to me that means I have not just met, but exceeded my happy couples expectations as I love the thought that I have planned a wedding that your guests also will remember forever.

During wedding planning, my couples often say that we have become more like family, so I can't wait to chat to you and become a little part of your family and your wedding journey too.


Just like your good selves, I have a long-time partner of almost 7 years and I am also a huge dog lover.  I have two fur babies who are my world,  Barney and Betsy.

If I am not dog walking or having a nice meal out in my social time then I'm working on a wedding!

What's more, you won't find my social media full of styled photoshoots, every couple you see are real from my weddings, and for that reason, you will find a whole range of weddings from home marquees to cultural multi event weddings and when I’m stupidly busy, I don’t actually post at all, but when I do, they are real weddings and the reality of that is that my social media is full of flavour and colour.

I love being a part of your wedding journey and taking you into married life, so if you feel that I would be a good fit for you, I would love to have a chat about your likes and loaves and how I can help you to ensure your vision becomes a reality (with a lot of laughs along the way) so let's get you a call booked so I can start to plan the best day of your lives! ​

If you still want a little more, my core values are Integrity, efficiency, responsibility, accountability, honesty and inclusiveness. 

I embrace all colour, culture and are gender-inclusive and embrace diversity and love in all its forms.  I fully celebrant equality in marriage regardless of sexual orientation, colour and culture.​

I also run a strict "no commission policy" so you can be assured that the suppliers I pick for you are chosen to suit your style, design and budget.

You can see my You Tube account here winning some of my awards  link here