I Guarantee a "No Commission here" policy

As a proud member of the UKAWP, we can confirm we adhere to their code of business ethics and do not accept commissions.

We believe in a transparent and honest pricing system, and if we are recommending a supplier or venue for your wedding it is because we trust them inexplicably.

We take clients trust seriously and so we promise to always act with integrity and honesty and we will respect your wedding budget at all times. 

Did you know some wedding planners charge you a fee for organising your wedding PLUS accept commission/kickbacks from your venue or suppliers?  

In many cases, their suppliers will add 10% on top of their fee to cover the commission paid back to the planner, which means you are paying more for your wedding than is necessary.

So when speaking with wedding planners, do ask them, "Do you accept commission and kickbacks".

Stand with us and the UKAWP and say NO Commission Here!

To learn more about the UKAWP visit

@theukawp (Instagram) or @ukawp (Facebook)

‘BusyBrides embraces all colour, culture and are gender-inclusive and embrace diversity and love in all its forms.  Whilst traditional wedding roles or gendered wedding terms may be used across our website, our services are available to all genders and all identities.

Everyone is welcome and celebrated here regardless of sexual orientation, colour or culture.


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