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You are now having a majorly reduced your wedding, thanks to covid, but how do you cut down your wedding guest list?

You have probably found this blog as you are struggling with your guest list or possibly need to find creative ways to reduce it now that we are hugely restricted on numbers so hopefully we are going to help you put some focus on this and get the job done!

So firstly you have to look at your family or what we call our non-negotiables. You may even find already that you are at your limit if you have big families. Then you need to decide who gets uninvited.

Plus One!

You don’t have the space to have strangers at your wedding day, so NO RING, NO BRING! So if you have space for friends and they were not in a “serious relationship”, do not extend an invite to their insignificant other. That may seem a little harsh, but it’s your day.

Kids or No kids!

Kids will have very little memory of your day. If you are in a position where you are only allowed 50 or 80 heartbeats at your wedding day, you want to have people who will enjoy those lasting memories. Your guests should completely understand the predicament we are in right now.


Oh boy, where do you start with this one! Basically, if you are on a strict guest list, just cut them out completely. I can honestly say I probably only hand out with one or two colleagues from my past. I may keep in contact on FB, but if I was to marry again now, chances of them getting an invite would be slim to none, so don’t waste your headcount during this difficult time.

Extended Family!

Finally but not least because we’re are on extended family! Some couples can have 100’s of cousins, aunts, uncles, and you have to draw the line somewhere. You are going to upset someone, but this is your day and you are already essentially losing your wedding day vision enough as it is, without having to remove a friend you disparately what to share you day, for a cousin or aunt you see only at funerals.

Ideally you should consider making an A & B list. A = non negotiable, B = Like to have on the day in government guidance allows the numbers.

I hope this has been of some use, even if a little, and don’t fall out over a guest list. A little discussion to get yourself on the same page goes a long way.

So how are you going to uninvite guests? Well here’s a template we manipulated that you can send out!


Dear ?

As you know these last few months, the world has turned upside down and weddings have been hit badly. We have all had to make some really hard decision for our day, and that includes us. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have had no choice but to reduce our guest list dramatically to adhere to mandated numbers of people gathering so that our wedding can go on. We are so sorry to have to do this, but at this point, we have to cancel your invitation to our wedding. We really hope that you understand that this is a drastic measure we never in a million years expected to have to make. We love every single person we invited to our wedding, and this is utterly heartbreaking for us. (if you are hoping to do a later event) We may look to have the celebration that we visioned for our day at a later date when the crisis has passed and when we do, we will be in touch to let you know in the hope that you can join us celebrate our marriage.

Please hold us in your hearts on our original wedding date as we take our vows to each other. This is not how we envisioned entering married life, but we are doing so with an even greater appreciation of life and love. Be well, be safe, and hug your loved ones at home tight. We all need each other right now.

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