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Whilst the need for social distancing is still very much in the spotlight, we recently saw the idea of wristbands to solve challenges that people may face at a wedding day which basically installs a comfort band system.

Now I’m a hugger but even I acknowledge that my preference for close contact will likely leaving me somewhat uncomfortable at the moment, as I would love to give or get a hug.

So if your wedding is imminent, whatever your guest count you have, why not consider putting this in place?

We are all on a very different journey and no one really knows how close they can get to someone else without having to spell it out. Do you hug, or bang elbows or just keep a distance. So by putting in place a comfort band system to represent where your guests are at with their journey, it allows your guests to give their individual preference without having to say a word.

So you could have a traffic light system:

Red: - can mean no physical contact. I’m still in Social Distancing mode, so please keep a 2 meter distance.

Yellow – can mean still being cautious but happy to chink elbows and happy to stand and chat at a 1 meter distance

Green – can mean frequent hand washing – Hi Fives, handshakes and hugs happily received.


Pink – can mean please keep a 2 meter distance, and please don’t be offended if I keep my mask on

Blue – can mean I am comfortable in a group, but not at hugging stage yet

White – can mean I have antibodies, lets celebrate

To be fair you can use many alternatives and you don’t have to stop at 3 if you find yourself with a larger wedding than 30 and of course you can use the colours of your wedding theme to match.

Also you are not limited to Masks. You can use masks, button holes, ribbons or pins. Your options are vast to show how your guests can graciously signal their comfort preferences.”

Would you consider a comfort system for your wedding day?

Are you having to reduce your wedding day now? Why not pop over to our blog on how to reduce your guest list

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