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Wedding Dress Trends for 2019 Brides

Have you just got engaged? Then you are probably already thinking about the perfect wedding dress. 2018’s bridal collections are a great source of inspiration, but if you are setting the big day in 2019, do note that bridal trends today may not be all the rage next year. That said, let’s take a look at some bridal outfits that fashion designers are currently releasing — trends that will define 2019’s wedding fashion


Coloured Gowns

White is no longer the sole option for wedding dresses, as brides are now going for alternate colours that allow them to be unique and expressive. Conservative brides can still opt for colour choices like champagne and blush, while bolder brides can truly make a statement with stronger colours. For instance, Vera Wang’s Spring 2019 Collection featured wedding dresses with bold hues, such as nudes, reds, plums, and violets. When asked for the reason behind the collection, Wang predicts that future brides want to explore hyper femininity and sensuality with a palette of colour


Jumpsuits and Pantsuits

Another predicted bridal trend for 2019 is the exploring different clothing options. Outfits like jumpsuits and pantsuits give brides the option to feel confident in something other than a typical gown. These suits are for those who want to make their own rules at their weddings. They offer a modern and strong look, and can even be used for pre-wedding events.

Designers Jenny Packham and Lela Rose both have included pantsuits in their Spring 2019 collection. Singer-songwriter Solange Knowles also flaunted a white jumpsuit on her wedding day.


Elaborate Bows

Bows in wedding dresses are nothing new, but there seems to be growing trend of gowns having bigger and more elaborate bows. These giant bows, whether they’re fitted on the front or back, add a sweet accent to your dress and can make your look a lot more feminine. You can even opt for bow with a different colour to transform your outfit into a showstopper.

Viktor&Rolf’s Marriage Spring 2019 Collection featured unique uses of bows and ribbons on wedding dresses. The popular fashion house also married bows and suits in its Fall 2018 Collection


Bridal Capes

Do you want to adapt your wedding gown? Why not go for a cape instead of a veil? It makes a similar statement with a little more drama. Bridal capes also help you exude a majestic aura, in case you want to go for a Game of Thrones effect. Take it from Serena Williams, who wore a gorgeous cape on her own wedding. There is also the option to personalise the cape, by adding embroidery or structuring it a certain way.

The wedding cape trend may catch on in 2019, since it is prominently featured in spring 2019 bridal collections by famous designers like Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad.


Lace Embellishments Lace will never go out of fashion, as it will always appear as accents at literally every bridal show you’re likely to attend in your lifetime. For those who want to stick to traditional, you can never go wrong with lace embroidery. Lace wedding gowns still look as stunning as ever, and celebrities like Jacqueline Jossas and Kate Middleton have all sported lacy dresses.

However, fashion designers like Monique Lhuillier are pushing the envelope by exploring lace in high volumes. Imagine a whole gown trail made of lace!

Of course, the gown is just one aspect to consider for your wedding.

You will also need to decide on your venue, decorations, reception, and more. For more wedding ideas, you can refer to 2018’s wedding trends compiled here on Busy Brides UK

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