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Asking guests for gifts: Top tips for your wedding gift list

Denby Pottery - wedding gift list

Are you looking to create a tasteful wedding gift list for the benefit of both you and your guests?

Here Nicola Wilson, Design Manager for Denby, our guest blogger today, who will share her top tips for creating a wedding gift list that works for all your guests.

Nicola says "Drafting a wedding gift list can be one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding organisation for couples preparing to tie the knot, but sometimes, it can become another source of wedding planning stress. From making sure there are gifts for every budget to perfecting the wording on your gift list, creating a gift list can easily start to feel more like a chore than a privilege — but this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you’re planning on creating a gift list, use the tips below to create the perfect wedding present list for you and your guests, from choosing your gifts to thanking your loved ones in return".

Choosing your Wedding gift list

The first step to creating your ideal wedding list is deciding what exactly goes on the gift list. It’s a good idea to keep your guests in mind from the start by considering your loved ones’ budgets. Those closest to you, such as your parents, will likely want to splash out on a lifelong gift to remember, so don’t be afraid to put more expensive items on the list with them in mind. Larger gifts could include 16 piece tableware sets or household appliances, but you should also have a large selection of lower-budget gifts for those looking to spend less, such as mug sets or table linen.

Keeping your guests in consideration is important when choosing your gifts, but don’t forget to think about your own needs and wants too! After all, your guests will want to choose presents that you truly love and will use. To make the most of your gifts for years to come, it’s best to opt for durable products rather than cheaper, low-quality alternatives. Practical gifts such as homeware are common on wedding present lists and are sure to be beneficial for the pair of you.

Don’t forget the importance of meaningful registry items as well, as these gifts will help you reminisce on your special day in the years to come. Of course, meaningful gifts can be practical too. For example, if you met your significant other at a coffee shop, a ceramic cafetière is a thoughtful gift and is sure to be a welcome addition to your morning routine.

Creating your Wedding Gift List/Registry

Once you’ve made a varied present list, it’s time to create your registry. The good news is that it’s incredibly simple to create a gift list online, which you can link to via your wedding website or direct from a website where you want your items to come from. Couples have traditionally avoided mentioning their gift list on wedding invitations, and this still tends to be the case. If you have any loved ones who struggle with getting online, you may prefer to provide them with a physical wedding list if they ask for present inspiration, to ensure they get to see everything on your registry.

It’s a good idea to register for more gifts than you have guests, as this ensures your loved ones will have plenty of options to choose from. You should also check back in on your registry every so often to make sure that there are enough gifts left for all budgets, so those with a smaller budget don’t feel pressured into getting a more expensive gift, and vice versa.

If you are open to gifts outside of your list, be sure to make this clear. While your list is of course there for a reason, a loved one may already have a unique and heartfelt gift for the pair of you in mind — and who knows, it could end up becoming your favourite gift from the wedding! This is just a good way to avoid you from having 6 toasters! You should also make it clear that a gift isn’t mandatory, and the presence of your loved ones is a gift in itself.

Asking for honeymoon cash

In today’s world, many couples already live with each other and have the household appliances and essentials that would be traditionally gifted at weddings. For this reason, a lot of brides and grooms-to-be would prefer to receive money for their honeymoons rather than physical gifts. However, it can sometimes feel uncomfortable to ask for this.

The good news is that this is much more common now, so your guests will likely have already been in this situation before. Simply explain that in lieu of gifts, you would appreciate a contribution to your honeymoon fund. You may also want to explain why this is important to you, whether it’s to create memories to last a lifetime with your new spouse, or simply because you already have all the household items you need.

You could also still have a registry stocked with less expensive items for guests who still want to gift you with something physical. Vases and mugs will always come in handy, and on your wedding registry, you can request higher quality items than you would usually buy yourself to make your gifts feel like a real treat.

Here can see BusyBrides Blog on ways to aks for cash for your wedding gift

Thanking your guests

Once the big day is over, one of the most important post-wedding tasks is to thank your guests for their generosity. Thank you notes are traditionally sent no more than three months after the wedding, so make sure to leave yourself enough time to write the cards within this time. You should also try to personalise each card by saying something about the recipient’s particular gift. For example, if you have been gifted glassware, you can mention in your thank you note that you plan to enjoy a glass of champagne in your new glasses on your first anniversary.

If you’re planning on having an intimate wedding with just your closest friends and family, you may even want to give your guests small gifts in return. Something small but thoughtful like a candle is a great way to show guests your gratitude. You can even make it fit perfectly with your big day by choosing a candle in a tin or pot which matches your colour scheme.

Of course, if your guests don't buy you a gift, you may still want to consider thanking them for coming. See BusyBrides blog if you need to thank your guests that don't buy you a gift


Thank you Nicola for your words of wisdom for our lovely followers.

I must add my own little story to this blog in that 30 years ago my best friends (Karen and Paul) got married and actually had a range of blue Denby pottery on their gift list. I bought them a set of blu Denby bowls from their gift list. Financially at that time as a very young girl making my way through life and with a new mortage It totally wiped me out buying their bowls, but when I go over for weekends and enjoy lots of parties and dinners at their home, a staggering 30 years on their Denby crockery is still going strong and still being used on a daily basis. So I know first hand that Denby pottery certainly stand the test of time.

So if you want a quality dinner service that come in a range of beautiful colours to suit most kitchens nowadays and will see you through more family dinners and parties than you care to mention over the next 30 years of your life (or more), then you can also set up a wedding gift list with Denby right here.

For more wedding planning tips and inspiration, make sure to check out the wide range of articles on the BusyBrides blog.


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