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The Perfect Wedding at Ashridge House

Recently a handful of other elite wedding planners were invited to Ashridge House to enjoy a night's stay and a wedding showcase. Ashridge is just 30 mins from from Central London and a fabulous hidden gem nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire.

Historical Ashridge House
Photo credit by Luminare

From the moment I drove up the enchanting driveway I was transported into a fairytale setting that promises to make your wedding day truly unforgettable (and also probably one of the few times I enjoyed driving at 20mph to enjoy the beauty of the nature that surrounds his venue).

Over the weekend I saw countless reasons why choosing Ashridge House as your wedding venue would be a decision that will leave you and your guests breathless.   From stunning surroundings, immaculate gardens to its glorious event spaces not to mention exquisite culinary offerings, I will unveil the magic why I feel your dream wedding awaits you at Ashridge House.

The beauty of Autumn at Ashridge House
Photo credit by Luminare

FIrstly this venue is really a seasonal delight, whether you choose winter time when the grounds are covered in snow, or spring time and enjoy a carpet of bluebells, the formal colourful bedding in the summer or my personal favourite time being Autumn, with those amazing burnt oranges. This venue has it all going on.

From the off set the delight of this lovely venue started with my journey to Ashridge House when I drove my way through this lovely little village and then through the magnificent Ashridge Estate.  Even with this being winter, it actually looked like a beautiful autumnal woodlands day.  As I passed each tree-line path the grandeur of the house left me awe-inspired by its historical presence.

Ashridge House boasts an impressive amount of really great and versatile spaces, each one carefully thought out to accommodate your unique wedding vision.   Weather you have an intimate wedding or enjoy a guest count up to 180, they have the perfect room fitting for your celebration.

The Grand Stair case at Ashridge House
Photo credit By Lumiere

From the intimate Library, perfect for exchanging vows up to 100, to the grand Main Hall (pictured left) which is ideal for a lavish reception where us Wedding Planners were greeted with canapes, or you can have a ceremony up to 180, the staircase that magestically winds around the Main hall is just beautiful. 

Every corner of Ashridge House has been tailored to create exceptional memories.  I can quite easily picture my couples dancing under the elaborate ceiling richly decorated in gold leaf with views of the beautiful Italian Garden, or enjoying a cocktail hour on the picturesque terrace. Whatever your preferences, Ashridge House ensures a seamless flow throughout your event, ensuring your guests are enchanted at every turn.

And if you want to get married in the Chapel, then your guests will be left mesmerised by this architectural masterpiece of James Wyatt.  The wood carvings in this chapel were incredible and on the day of the wedding showcase was dressed to impress. 

On the Saturday evening we enjoyed a feast with the most exceptional cuisine. Their talented team of chefs used the finest locally sourced ingredients, they create dishes that are as beautiful to see as they are delicious.

From mouth-watering canapés to sumptuous multi-course menus, every bite at Ashridge House is an experience in itself.  Their commitment to culinary excellence ensures that your guests will be talking about the find dining experience for years to come. You can see just a sample of their fabulous wedding menu here

I enjoyed a stunning crab starter, a beautiful black treacle sirloin steak that would equal any good quality fillet and a dessert so beautiful made with Ashridge’s very own honey, so I having tasted the food, I can stand by the fact that the food is a pure delight for you and your guests.

BusyBrides Wedding Planners at Ashridge House

Your wedding day should be a stress-free celebration, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of the occasion.  

This is where BusyBrides Wedding Planners come in.  With my indepth expertise and attention to detail, I will bring your vision to life, ensuring every single element of your dream wedding is flawlessly executed.  

From handling logistics to curating personalised touches, I take care of it all, allowing you to relax and savour every moment.  

With a seamless collaboration with Ashridge House’ fabulous coordinators and back of house staff, with a full wedding planning design, your wedding will unfolds seamlessly from start to end leaving you free to create memories to last you and your guests a lifetime.

So will you choose Ashridge House and it’s enchanting backdrop for your love story? 

It certainly is a beautiful way to say "I do." With so many spaces, the culinary delights, and of course the unrivalled support of BusyBrides, together we can offer you an all-inclusive wedding experience like no other. Your perfect day deserves the perfect setting, and Ashridge House will exceed your every expectation, leaving you and your loved ones with memories that will be cherished forever.

Then when you your perfect wedding is all done and you wake up the next morning, you can enjoy the venues onsite cafe the Bakehouse, The Vault bar and restaurant to enjoy some more quality time with your loved ones, and enjoy the flower gift shop too. Plus I do recommend you take the time to walk around their private Grade II historic gardens, all 190 acres to blow away the more negative affects of a good boozy party the night before.

The stunning Terrace at Ashridge House. The Perfect outdoor wedding ceremony
Photo Credit By Lumiere

And for those that love a bit of sustainability, and rightly so, it's worth noting that the gardens are managed to encourage bidiversity and sustaiblity of its natural environment, Ashridge's commitement to the conversation of the historic gardens. They recycle rainwater from the roof, use water tanks for irrigation in the summer, and have beehives in the garden to produce their own honey and much much more. This venue really does tick boxes for all.

Go take a look at their venue below, and drop us a message if you would like to chat further if you wish us to help you plan your perfect day.


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