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Vere Events Testimonial

As with most clients, they always look to find testimonials to see what their clients had to say about them. However, here at BusyBrides, our most popular package is On the Day Coordination. With a package like this, quite often my clients come to me with a vast majority, if not all, of their wedding organised and I have to work with their own suppliers that they have selected throughout their planning stages.

When you have full planning we work with the suppliers that we have used and know are great. IT's all about creating the dream team whilst using the right suppliers for the clients needs.

So obviously you don't just want to know that I'm with you and that I can manage your day to help make your vision become a reality, but that I can work with your own suppliers and continue to be mindful and respetful. here are some of the suppliers I have worked with and their testimonial for BusyBrides.

Here is a testimonial from Vere Events (Previously Curry Special)

I had the pleasure of working alongside Busy Brides team at a wedding at the Braxted Park, Essex on the 12th September 2015. Sian not only made the planning stages easier, but really helped and was hands on throughout the day. She is very professional, positive and handled all the details in a calm and timely manner. She was always available to answer questions and made sure have all the intricate details were taken care of which allowed the couple to enjoy their day. As a cat

erer it is vital to ensure we collectively work together, to ensure a positive outcome, and for the first time, we managed to come across a wedding planner who was most helpful and synchronised with the caterer too. I sincerely hope to work with Sian and Busy Brides again, as they made the entire process effortless for the Bride and Groom, and not only that made a great Toastmaster, ensuring she kept the audience captured and entertained- as well as organised.

Thank you Anji. I really enjoyed working with Vere Events. I leaerned very early in my career that withougt the support and communication with your caterers, then the wedding is always going to be subject to difficulties. Vere Events rocked up to my clients wedding, all in uniform and worked through the wedding like a well oiled machine. The Catering Event Manager kept in touch with me throughhout the entire day, it was magical. It helped make the wedding day for me so enjoyable, especially as I was the wedding planner and toastmaster, it gets ridiculously busy. This is not the first asian or african caterers that I have dealt with and there are some bad ones sadly, but these guys were absolutely phenominal. I can't recommend enough.

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