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Can you afford NOT to Hire a Planner?

As an experienced Event Specialist, one of the most common concerns our clients initially have when they contact us is: can they afford a Wedding Planner? Weddings can be a significant outlay (Brides Magazine put the current cost at around £25,000) so it is understandable that they would question adding to that cost. If you are in that position, here is how using a wedding planner can save you money on your big day.

  • We know how the industry works

We have been organising events for years, so we know the events industry inside and out.We can look at the photos you have saved on Pinterest or cut out of a magazine and tell you how that look was achieved. We have learned where you can cut back in a certain area without compromising, and where you definitely shouldn’t; and we can spot a sneaky vendor at twenty paces.

  • We can negotiate lower rates

Not only have we built up an extensive network of suppliers we have superb negotiating skills. Our job is to get you the wedding you want on the budget you have. We know what a reasonable price to pay for something is and, because we are not emotionally attached in the way you are, we can walk away from an unfair deal and find a better alternative.It’s quite often the discounts we receive from our suppliers goes a long way to pay for the services we charge.

  • We can save you from expensive mistakes

Too many options and not enough knowledge can bamboozle even the most level headed couple, but working with a wedding planner can prevent you making bad decisions under pressure – decisions you later have to pay to correct. A wedding planner can also check your suppliers’ contracts to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything important.We have been organising events for years, so we know all the pitfalls and errors that can happen at any event.Unlike Planners, suppliers can have multiple weddings on any one day so mistakes can happen at their end, we have the knowledge to ensure these errors are minimised and find solutions at speed.

  • We have the best contactsWe plan all sorts of events, not only weddings, so we have a fantastic list of amazing suppliers you may never even know about, let alone consider. We can help you achieve precisely the effect you dream of using suppliers who have proven themselves to be reliable.

Choosing a Wedding Planner

If you are thinking about hiring a wedding planner, there are a few points to consider.

Firstly, choose a qualified professional. Becoming an Event Specialist is not something that just happens overnight nor do you have the skills after taking an evening course or online course in wedding planning.It takes a lot of effort and experience. Event planning is our career, not something we squeeze in between family and other commitments that will detract from your wedding.

Look for flexibility in the type of packages they offer. We have worked with couples who need our initial help clarifying their vision and making a plan, finding their perfect venue, couples who want us to oversee everything on the day after spending months planning their own wedding, and those who want us involved from “will you marry me?” to “I do!”

Finally, talk to your potential wedding planner before committing. Event planning should save you time, stress, and money. This wedding is all about you, so choose a person who really listens to what you want, who is patient, who understands the way you see things, and whom you know you could work with.Most importantly, you must have confidence in them.

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