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And the winner of our Raffle is.....

As you may know we were recently fortunate enough to exhibit at the Bluewater’s Wedding Fair last weekend. It was a great show and had some amazing bridal exhibitors there. For the team at Busy Brides, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and socialise with so many brides-to-be shopping around for the components of their perfect wedding day.

The Busy Brides raffle to win “On the Day Wedding Co-ordination”

As you may be aware, at the wedding fair, we ran a raffle to win a "On the day Wedding Co-ordinator.” We had hundreds of entries from hopeful brides wanting to win this exclusive package. The On the Day Co-ordination is one of our most popular packages at Busy Brides. We co-ordinate every single moment of your special day. From the photographer to flowers, we will make sure it all synchronises perfectly. It really is the secret to holding the most flawless wedding.

Click here if you would like to read more about our on the day wedding co-ordination package.

And The Winner Is...


The lucky winner of the package was Natasha Ince. She is getting married on the Thursday 2nd April 2015 to her partner Sam. The wedding is being held at The Best Western Moore Place Hotel, Aspley Guise Village in Milton Keynes. Natasha and her partner Sam met in a nightclub in Chatham called the Tap and Tin. Sam is a member of the armed forces, however upon meeting Natasha he tried to convince her that he was a university student. Natasha soon figured out he was in the army and they were quick to swap phone numbers. Unfortunately after the night out the couple did not get in touch with each other straight away. However fate took its course and a few weeks later they were both at the same nightclub again. Natasha and her friends went over to sit with Sam and his friends. Sam was quick to recognise Natasha and even knew her name! Unfortunately Natasha could only remember that Sam owned a pretty retro phone. Natasha teased Sam about not texting her and told him he owed her a drink. From that point they hit the dance floor, had their first kiss and have been together ever since.

Our huge congratulations go to Natasha and Sam on winning our raffle. We are looking forward to making sure your wedding day goes without a hitch and helping you to celebrate your special day.

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