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Wedding tablescape trends for Spring and Summer 2023

Planning a wedding is an exciting process, and getting everything looking perfect on your big day is even more exciting. We have a guest blog today, Amy Harvey from Burleigh Pottery who will show you the Spring and Summer 2023 trends for wedding tablescapes that will give you some ideas for your own special occasion.

Amy says, "Preparing for your wedding is an exciting time and one of the fantastic aspects of planning your special day is being able to curate the occasion, as well as decide who you spend the occasion with. When you’re thinking about how to style your special day, there’s so much to consider. This is where it can be useful to look at the new trends coming for wedding events and take inspiration from the ideas on show for 2023.

Here are some tips to help you plan tablescapes for your big day, ready for photos that you’ll enjoy looking back on for years to come.

Bold new colours

The usual image of a wedding tablescape that you might think of is one centring neutral, subtle colours that provide a delicate backdrop to the day’s events, but more recently the wedding trends have begun to change. Bolder, brighter colour palettes are becoming more in style, so you might want to consider adding some splashes of colour to your décor scheme.

Take inspiration from the seasons and from you and your partner’s favourite colours. Choose some bright flowers for your table ornaments, and if your wedding is in spring or summer, try incorporating eye-catching yellows, blues, lilacs, and pinks. As well as the flowers, you can choose plenty of other avenues to express your colour preferences, such as tablecloths and tableware.

Choosing ceramics in jewel tones can offer an elegant pop of colour that will truly draw the eye to the table, giving your wedding a summery or spring-like touch. If you don’t want the tablescape to be overwhelming with lots of colour, choose which elements to brighten up. Colourful table ornaments and flower arrangements will go excellently with earth-toned tableware, or you can create pops of colour with napkins and even furniture.

Sustainable Dishes and Décor

Sustainability is continuing to be a growing consumer interest in 2023, and this is also reflected in the types of weddings that people are having. Look at how you can bring sustainability into your wedding tablescape, either through your décor or menu choices.

Burleigh celebrate their second-grade pieces, which you can find on their website or in the Factory Shop. All seconds are handmade using their usual famous crafting methods but with minor printing blemishes, so you can get the same quality and style for less. They continue to make each piece, adorned with speckles of ink dots or not, available to customers to help reduce impact on the environment⁠. Purchasing Burleigh Seconds for your wedding means you get unique, sustainable luxury tableware at a fraction of the cost plus you get to keep it to use afterwards.

Décor can be made more eco-friendly by using wildflowers for your tabletop arrangements, and even flowers that grow near to the venue or where you live. Some florists can work specifically with wildflower arrangements, so speak to the person you have in mind to come up with arrangements based on wildflowers or native plant arrangements.

You can also consider serving locally sourced or seasonal dishes to your guests at the wedding. This will not only reduce the food miles and energy used to serve up your menu, but it will also allow you to showcase the produce of the area around your venue and add to the memorable event. Consult with your venue or caterer about keeping the menu sustainable and enjoy looking up dishes created from more locally sourced produce, whether that be fruit, seafood, or local dairy products.

Unique lighting choices

2023 is the year of interesting lighting at weddings. Rather than simply working with whatever lighting is installed in the venue, consider adding to the atmosphere with features such as string lights, chandeliers, or standing lamps. You might also want to add candlelight to make your wedding cosy and glamourous. You can pick candles that go with your bold colour scheme to really be inspired by the 2023 trends. (Although as a planner if I can cut in on Amy's lovely blog, it is becoming more rare for real candles to be allowed in many venues, so check in with them before you go off on a spending spree)

Also consider more modern choices, such as hanging lightbulbs, lettering lights, and custom-made fairy lights. Fairy lights can be made into shapes such as flowers, leaves, and woven into flower arrangements themselves to create a poetic atmosphere. Experiment with placing lighting features above, on, or beside your tablescapes to light them beautifully. Whatever you choose, your guests are sure to enjoy it so don’t be afraid to try different things.

Pressed flowers

As well as fresh flowers, dried and pressed flowers are becoming increasingly popular at weddings this year. Pressed flower cakes have been showing up at wedding events, where beautiful edible pressed flowers are delicately placed on cakes to create patterns and displays that are twist on the classic wedding cake. A pressed flower cake is a wonderful way to bring some fairy-tale romance to your table, and it's the perfect choice for a summer or spring wedding especially.

Not only do they make a fantastic cake topping, but they can also be scattered as confetti and used in table decorations. You can incorporate this trend in plenty of places throughout your wedding décor, and choose you and your partner’s favourite flowers, or ones that are particularly special to you.

Extra personal touches

Your wedding day is always going to be personal, but 2023 is going to be the year of adding individual touches to your tablescapes on the big day. This trend is an enduring one and shows how important it is to many people that their wedding feels unique to them and their partner. You can introduce some individual touches by having personalised name cards on your place settings for guests, as well as adding custom table decorations, or even making some yourself.

You might also want to add personalisation by designing your own signature cocktails for the event, or creating a menu inspired by a memorable location you’ve visited with your partner. Other ways to make things more individual are to get a photo album printed that all your guests can write in or have a guest book for them to sign as a memento of the big day.

Handmade in England since 1851, every single piece of Burleigh pottery is unique too, which will make a great story and conversation starter throughout your special day. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s really suited to you and your partner, as this is what makes these personal touches special.

Use these 2023 trend ideas to help create the perfect wedding day for you and your partner. While it can be an overwhelming experience designing such a big day, it’s also a process to be treasured, so take inspiration from all these décor options to find something perfect for you and your partner."

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