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Have you considered bringing scents into your wedding day?

Scented weddings are often a forgotten or not even considered element yet there are so many ways you can bring scent to your wedding day by can have a huge positive impact on your big day and raise everyone’s mood as well, but it will give you that nostalgic moment for many years to come as the smells will spark memories that will take you right back to your day, and not just you, but for your guests too.

But what kinds of scents can you use to liven up your celebrations?? You can do this various ways, you can use candles, diffusers, incense or even bring scent into your floral displays,or if you love the smell of fresh herbs, bring in this to your centrepieces and you will find that it will provide an amazing aroma across your reception space.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding was bought to life by using Jo Malone Orange Blossom candles to anoint the air in Westminster Abbey when they wed in 2011, and since then, adding the element of smell has apparently been big business yet I still don’t see it being used in many weddings.

Getting the right smell – and not having too much of it – has become a delicate balance that many have failed to achieve.

If you don’t get the right smells, you might ruin the whole day and if you have insufficient density, then you might as well not bother. Conversely, too much will be overpowering and your celebrations will be the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. So let’s have a look at the best aroma’s and how to achieve them.

Of course, candles are the most obvious source, and have probably the greatest range of scents around, and with a little experimentation you can probably find the right combination and intensity. If you have a venue booked, you could always see if you could have a trial run, starting with a few candles and working up until you get the aroma that you are looking for.

As for actual scents, you could always try the Jo Malone Wedding Consultation Service where you can try different combinations in the company of a trained consultant, who will be able to answer your queries and advise you.

Jo Malone also offer a range of scented oils and fragrances that can set your senses alight with their gorgeous aromas. And what is the most popular Jo Malone scent for weddings? It’s their gorgeous Peony and Blush Suede, of course.

But scenting a wedding properly is much more than lighting a few candles in the main venue, and careful consideration is key here. First, you have to decide what aromas you want, and then consider where you want to place them. You also need to consider what flowers are going to be in place as they should come first with other scents being both complimentary and secondary.

You can have a range of scents but generally have one major scent per room and make sure that any secondary scents play along with that. If you do this properly, your guests can step from room to room and experience a wondrous cacophony of aromas.

As mentioned you do need to check with your venue regarding their policy on open flames if using candles, and consider using reed diffusers as these are just as potent but don’t have any of the safety issues.

We can’t advise on what smells you should have as it is a deeply personal experience, and you probably still have your flowers to choose, but as a guide;

For roses, compliment with white pomegranate.

For Sweet Pea, entwine with Jasmine.

For Orange Blossom, compliment with eucalyptus

For Gardenia, use lime blossom, ginger and crushed bay leaves.

The combinations are almost endless, and each will invoke wondrous feelings over the whole wedding party. My personal favourite smell with candles is pomegranate or lavender, but many people say that smell reminds them of their Nan, but not for me. It takes me to another place that would be too long for this blog to explain, but that’s how much a smell can have an impact with your memories.

If you truly want to arouse the senses in your wedding party and guests, consider your ancillary smells well, and watch the magic happen. However if you have multiple rooms in a country home, consider filling each room with a different smell.

Unless you have a decent budget, you don't even have to go crazy. If you just considered having a candle burning or scented item during your ceremony or a smell you want to remember, whenever you smell that scent it will transport you right back to your wedding day and put the biggest smile on your face, it is much more powerful than any picture or video.

If you were to have a smell at your wedding day, do you know what that would be? If not, have fun looking for your perfect scent together?

If you hadn’t considered it before, would you now?

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