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We have created a series of blogs that will help with your planning if you are new to your wedding journey. So do come and delve in….

So far in this series you have learned how to make a wedding budget, now you need to know how to spend it.


Now that you have figured out what your budget is, you need to consider that half of your budget is for your venue and catering and the remaining 40% is for everything else.

We would also suggest you save 5-10% to put by for contingencies, which we will list below all the various things that can bump up your spend at the last moment.

But here is what you do to make sure you spend this the best way possible.

Discuss together what your non-negotiables are. i.e. you may want a clear span marquee with views across the countryside so location and venue is key or if you want fine dining your catering is important, you want the best party so you may need to spend your money on a top Band, whatever that is, list the important things to you both in order.

Then continue your list of items that you would like that are essentials for your day, but are less worried about throwing heaps of budget at them. This could be a wedding cake, videographer, fireworks, etc. Then you may have things that you would like if you have a budget, like a photobooth, wedding favours. and if there is budget left you can consider these items.

Whatever is your thing, these are the elements that you organise first and then book the rest afterwards as your budget will change consistency as you book your suppliers.

If you take nothing from this, get yourself a running total on a spreadsheet or in a book if you are not an Excel whiz then keep a log of everything. You must log everything, right down to silly things you may buy like sparklers . You will be amazed how much you can spend on a wedding bits and bobs that is outside of your priority list or budget if you do not write it down. Stick the file in a drop box or google sheets that you can both access at any given time from anywhere, make it easy on yourself to log costs.

So now that you have decided on a budget and you have a list of priorities, you will need to consider keeping back 5-10% of your budget for contingencies.

There are sadly many things that just crank up the prices that you had just not factored in to your day. These could be costs you haven't considered or extra costs from suppliers that you had not factored in to your budget.

  • A supplier was not aware that your wedding was so early, and so I will need to charge extra hours for starting earlier

  • Your day has massively overrun and your photographer/videographer needs to charge extra hours if you still want to capture those special moments

  • You left too much rubbish behind and so they charged you for clearing up after you

  • You found that your venue won’t allow the suppliers to collect the next day, this will increase your collection fees having to pick up at anything midnight onwards.

  • You did not buy a cake knife, so the venue slap you with a fee for hiring their own one

  • You did not ask your caterers to cut up our wedding cake, so they now want £50 for doing it on the day

  • Your photo booth did not realise that they had to set up early to avoid disruption to your space, so they know want double travel costs or hang around for extra hours and a meal

  • Your transport breaks down and know you are having to find money for taxis

  • Your bridesmaids put on so much weight you have to get another emergency dress

  • Your bridal frock was not fitting properly and need to make emergency alterations

  • You ran out of alcohol on the day, you have to send your groomsmen to do a speedy trip to the superstore

  • You were charged a clean-up fee having that a guest was sick (my client just lost £250 returnable deposit because a guest threw up on the coach)

  • Unexpected guests arrive on the day

  • Post wedding thank you cards

  • Costs for having your wedding outfits dry cleaned and in a preservation box

  • You haven't factored in suppliers meals

So as you can see there are lots of varients of things that you may find yourself finding budget for even after you think you have thought of everything, and hopefully even seeing this list will help you prevent a large amount of these.

So now you have you budget set, you are well on your way to start looking for your wedding venue. However, what type of venue or size do you need? Go over to my next series which covers your guest count.


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