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Anita & Michael

From Anita and Rohit

(The Mothas)


When Michael had first mentioned to me that he thought we should get a wedding planner (about 10 months before we were due to get married), I was like 'Nahh...what do we need a planner for, I'll get it done...', but he managed to open my mind to at least meet a few before a final 'No'. Sian was the second wedding planner we met and from that initial meeting I thought 'Here is someone I can definitely work with'! Both Michael and I were impressed by her professional and friendly personality, she assured us that she would help us to work to our budget and was full of creative and helpful ideas. We were not looking for someone who was in love with the fantasy of weddings, we wanted someone we could confidently rely on to guide us with our suppliers, keep to our budget and oversee the many things happening on the day; plus the fact we enjoyed meeting her and felt we could be honest with her simply affirmed our decision to work with Busybrides.


During the planning stages Sian was very good at communicating regularly with us and responding to the many requests we had with a positive and encouraging attitude. We felt like there was nothing we couldn't ask her. She said she would even try her best to get Michael an elephant for his entrance - and I'm sure if we'd seriously asked for it, she would have found a way!


One of the things we were particularly grateful for Sian's help with was when we were having issues with one of our suppliers over the quality of service they were providing. We were able to explain the situation to Sian and she was able to communicate with the supplier diplomatically and professionally, and in the end, even managed to negotiate a few £100 off our quote. She really helped ease the stress of the situation for us and was able to deal with suppliers professionally, in a friendly way, and most importantly getting the results that we had hoped for.


We were so pleased with all the help that Sian had given us that we decided in addition to the on-the-day coordination, we wanted to have her as MC for our reception - who better than the person who helped us organise it all! Sian helped all the events of the day to run smoothly and was brilliant at getting our 200 family and friends to where they needed to be by clear and friendly instruction. All our guests were so impressed with all the detailed planning that had gone into our wedding and this definitely was a testament to Busybrides and Sian's tireless efforts.


We would highly recommend Busybrides to anyone planning their special day! If you are hesitating in any way, just contact Sian and have that initial meeting, you will not be disappointed!


Thanks, Sian for all you did to make our wedding day so memorable for us, our family and our friends - they've certainly all got your contact details!

If you need help planning your perfect wedding go over to our wedding planning packages to see what we can do for you and get in touch for an informal chat.  

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