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Mr & Mrs Hodges

When I started planning our wedding - looking at the budget and the many venues out there, I was a little overwhelmed with all the options. A friend said to me 'had I considered a Wedding Planner to help?' - get good deals and help with the budget. She put me in touch with Sian Belton and it was a very good move.


I already had quite a few of my own ideas, but running them by Sian was so useful - she was able to get some excellent rates with suppliers and was generally a good sounding board. Specifically, Sian also found our wedding band/DJ (discounted), fairytale favours in the US which I went on to purchase, our HODGES letters and she also set up our website (website). Sian also prepared a list of questions for me to check with our venue- as I had an onsite Wedding Planner (at Parklands)


I would strongly recommend anyone planning a wedding to have a website (wedsite!) set up - we included all of the other details on there, collected our RSVPs, managed our coach booking and also our honeymoon gift list. Sian designed it beautifully and ensured it was accessible for the computer and smartphones too.


Sian was lovely to work with, understood our needs, had great contacts and ideas. 

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