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Your wedding day ought to be a highlight in your life, starting from the moment you get engaged until the actual day. Every step of this journey should be cherished, so it's crucial for us to get to know each other well.

So hello... I'm Sian, the Director and Lead Wedding Planner of BusyBrides.  

My journey began years ago when I stumbled upon the world of event planning in my 20's when I was asked to plan an event.  I managed to save a whopping £10,000 from the budget and this ignited a passion for organising events.

Weddings I plan are from £40k to £120k and have successfully organised and or managed weddings for both intimate gatherings of 5 people to larger celebrations with 500 guests.  

I strongly believe that when you have a deep passion for something, it can lead to excellence and after 30 years of planning various events, I still feel the excitment of creating a beautiful and unforgettable wedding.

It brings me great joy to hear from my couples that their wedding surpassed all expectations and their guests have declared it the best they've ever attended. Knowing that I was able to plan a wedding that will be cherished by not only the couple, but also their guests, warms my heart.

During wedding planning, my couples often say that we have become more like family, so I can't wait to chat to you and become a little part of your family and your wedding journey too.

Just like your good selves, I have a long-time partner, over 9 years now and I am also a huge dog lover.  I have two dogs who are my absolute world,  Barney and Betsy.

If I am not dog walking or having a nice meal out in my social time then I'm working on a wedding of a funeral!  I have a very small family, I love interior design, a glass of bubbles, sushi, comedy and nature and long walks also bring me joy, especially when surrounded by breathtaking scenery at the locations of my weddings.

When I do get time to post on social media, you won't find it cluttered with staged photoshoots - I'll leave that to Pinterest. Instead, every couple featured are from my own real weddings, showcasing a variety of ceremonies I have had the privilege to plan. These range from intimate home garden marquees to vibrant Asian and multi-cultural celebrations. My social media is a reflection of diverse flavors and colours. While Hindu ceremonies hold a special place in my heart, I also appreciate the beauty of all cultural weddings and enjoy the challenge of transforming a plain marquee into a stunning setting.

I love being a part of your wedding journey and taking you into married life, so if you feel that I would be a good fit for you, I would love to have a chat about your likes and loaves and how I can help you to ensure your vision becomes a reality (with a lot of laughs along the way) so let's get you a call booked so I can start to plan the best day of your lives! ​

For those seeking additional information, my core principles consist of integrity, efficiency, responsibility, accountability, honesty, and inclusiveness.

I embrace all colour, culture and are gender-inclusive and embrace diversity and love in all its forms.  I fully celebrate equality in marriage regardless of sexual orientation, colour and culture.​

My strict "no commission policy"  ensures that any supplier I choose will not impact your budget negatively so you can rest assured that I carefully select suppliers to match your style, design and your budget.

You can see my You Tube account here winning some of my awards  link here 

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