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Annabel & Kelsey

Where to start?  I always knew from the moment we decided to do our wedding at home that I wanted some extra help.


I wanted to be involved in the planning stage completely but wanted someone to do the on the day organisation. Kelsey wasn't convinced at the start as he thought we could do it all ourselves, but after hearing me out and both sets of parents agreeing that I would be a complete nightmare on the day if it was left to us, we went on the search for a wedding planner!


We came across Sian online and saw that she was not far from us and thought it would be better to have someone nice and local. We were not disappointed!

With both Kelsey and myself working full time and sometimes not home until gone at 7 pm, nothing was too much for Sian.  Our first appointment she arrived at 7:30 pm and didn't leave until gone 10pm.   She gave us a list of her preferred suppliers for the areas we needed and there was no pressure to go through with the booking after.


I knew straight away that I had found the person who would help make our dream wedding a reality! We booked her up near enough straight away.   I got to do all the planning and arranging with suppliers myself so had complete control over it all which is exactly what I wanted.


Sian was always on the other end of the phone or email throughout the entire planning process and helped wherever she could.   On the lead up to the wedding we had extra meetings and managed to get everything in line including a plan B for if the weather was bad.


We then handed over all the details 3 weeks before the wedding and Sian dealt with the rest. On the day we didn't have to worry about a thing. The whole day ran so smoothly and we didn't have to watch the time once. Kelsey was able to just get ready at home in the morning and Sian dealt with all the suppliers turning up. Honestly


wouldn't have done it any differently. Sian was a godsend throughout the whole process and made our dreams a reality! Thank you so much!




Mr & Mrs Brewster xxx

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