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I do love managing this part of the wedding, getting all the guests in place and ready to go.

I’m quite specific in that I invite all single and unmarried ladies AND men.

After all, we live in a world of equality right? I loved the fact this chap above got stuck in and caught the bouquet too!

So why do we toss the Bouquet

Well let’s go right back. Apparently in the 14th century during the Bubonic Plague, it is said that Brides would carry bouquets of garlic and herbs that would help fend off the plague and evil spirits and mask bad body odour. I guess with everything, eventually things evolve over time and they have become flowers.

Then it is said that ladies used to rip pieces of the bride's dress and her flowers in order for good luck but over time, the bride would run away and whilst running would toss the bouquet and save her dress. BUT today the bouquet is tossed to single and unmarried women with the belief that whoever catches it will be the next to marry.

I guess with any stories of traditions, they change slightly over centuries and according to writes them. We all evolve as a society, and let's face it, we no longer live in a world that we believe we have a witch living next door, and we certainly are not worried about evil spirits, unless it comes in the form of a seriously out of date vodka jelly shot that was left in the freezer after a big event you had 3 years ago.

I reckon in a 100 years time someone will say that way back in the year 2020 the world was plagued with a virus and when the bouquet was tossed at a wedding whoever caught it was given a vaccination against the disease. Who knows hey?

Will you be tossing your bouquet?

If you want too, but had plans on keeping it, then why not either get a duplicate or smaller bouquet made for this purposes OR just use one of your bridesmaids bouquet and that way you keep yours exactly as you received it.

One of my most memorable bouquet throws I have to share with you as I have never seen such a happy guest catch the bouquet followed by a full on victory lap! God I love my job! They evoke such amazing and fun memories that you just don't get with a desk job!

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