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Wedding Gift Ideas for Cohabiting Couples (recommended by BusyBrides)

While some couple prefer the truly romantic route of staying separate until they marry, many tend to live with each other before making it legal and formal. And this means that they tend to have all the trappings of a shared life already, making it a little more challenging when it comes to choosing wedding presents.

It’s not as though we would advocate buying mundane gifts like toasters and duvet sets anyway – unless the couple have expressly asked for them, of course – but a cohabiting couple will have all of the everyday things anyway so probably don’t want another set of pans, regardless of how good the quality may be. Best to go for something a little different, and luckily there are plenty of things out there to choose from.

Something personal for them both

How about monogrammed bathrobes, so that the happy couple can feel special when wrapped up together, or a personalised boat hamper, so that they can enjoys long hot summer days out. If they have actually asked for some new bed linen, you could get that personalised too, for a nice touch. Personalised always feels good because it shows that you have thought of both of them.

Something arty

Everyone loves to have something new on their walls, and if it relates to their wedding then it is extra special. If you look, you will find plenty of artists who will create a beautiful rendition of the couples wedding venue, and personalise it with the details of the couple. Both beautiful and thoughtful.

If the couple happen to be a little geeky, you could swap the painting for nicely done wedding coordinates – no, really, it works – so that they still have the memories and the wall art. Or you might also consider an Eleanor Bowmer original, personalised to the couple.

Something boozy

Always a favourite, but rather than just doing up a bottle of red from the supermarket, why not make a real mark by getting them something a little special. How about a wine delivery membership for a few months?

Actually, now considered to be a pretty cheap option for what you get, wine membership means that they will never have to worry about who’s picking up the wine for dinner.

If you want to get a little less, you could always go for a wall mounted wine rack, and add art to functionality. There are plenty of ideas involving booze out there, so whether it’s Himalayan rock salt shot glasses, or a beautiful decanter, boozy gifts will always enchant.

Something for travel

You would hope that as the happy couple start off on their new life, they are going to be looking forward to some good travel. Help them enjoy this to the full with a set of good, lightweight, travel cases, or even a wall-mounted scratch off map so that they can see where they have been on their travels. Perfect for the glob-trotting couple!

If you find yourself going to a wedding of a happy cohabiting couple that has no gift list in place, then why not try out some of the above ideas or just think outside of the box! I know if it was me, I would love the wine membership, with a surprise to arrive every month for a few months, a real treat.

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