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It is likely by this time of the year you have fully planned your summer tipi wedding and now maybe looking at what extras you can have if you have any budget left over, and it is very easy to get carried away.

There are a heap of blogs to tell you all the great things about Tipi's and having run and managed so many of these now, I just want to give you the heads up on some of the things that are left unconsidered that may just help you plan a little better.


The one thing I want to stress is to consider space, importantly headspace. It is often forgotten that Tipi's have forever reducing ceilings which means often around the edges of Tipi's are as much use as chocolate radiator.


I once had a lovely couple that had ordered an 8 ft flower wall, but there was no natural place for it to go at that height. So we had to reduce this to around 5/6 foot to even make it work in the space. So ordering a smaller flower wall could have saved a few pounds.

Client Review

Sian put my mind at ease, dealt with all hiccups and ensured that all my suppliers knew what they were doing.

I cannot recommend Sian enough. Thank you so very much. You are amazing at what you do

Photography by Will Stedman


Similar is a photo booth. Unless you have a lovely 4 hat tipi that you could potentially afford to lose some ground space, consider some of the alternatives that take up less space from your footprint or even an external option like this.


You can buy hand hold up ones online along with all the props at a fraction of the cost and just as fun.


If you can afford the additional add ons with your Tipi company, then a bar tent is always a good addition and will save you heaps of space inside your tipi.


I have managed a few where we have recommended a pop up gazebo at one of the openings and had the bar in there. Gives a big saving and still does the job!

LIGHTING - often forgotten

If you haven't considered lighting in your garden or the surrounding area in your field, please do. This is one of the most forgotten elements for field weddings that anyone considers. You will be amazed how dark a field will be once the sun goes down and if the moon is not out, it will be pitched black. See the above picture, this is as far as that light will travel, the rest of your field is in darkness.

Add that darkness to potential dropped bottles and glasses, and bare feet, you will wish you have some kind of lighting in place.


Just purchase a handful of cheap solar lights or even battery operated tea lights put into jars that can provide you with a runway to your toilets.


As you can see above, I have done Tipi weddings with Balloons as the table decoration and they even had some kind of stability provided, but with an open front venue and a touch of wind, I must have re-decorated the tables a million times over. Balloons and wind are not good friends. it's all very well having a planner to keep touching up your venue.

So consider that there may be wind coming straight into your Tipi opening, so anything that is either light in weight is subject to blow over, and if you have candles, it may not be a hugely successful option. Opt for led candles and try to avoid balloons where possible.

This is me with my lovely couple enjoying a quick photo opportunity with a home made photo booth :-) We think that's a pretty awesome space saving photo frame!

WEDDING PLANNER - Do you need one ?

A full experienced Wedding Planner is a necessity for a Tipi wedding, as long as they are experienced in working with canvas weddings. They have their own quirks.

I have managed oodles of canvas and Tipi weddings and so you will get my invaluable advice how to best use your Tipi.

It is great space for your wedding, but it is one that needs to be managed carefully by someone with experience.

We can let you know the best layout for your wedding day based on your guests count and timeline for your day, let you know the best place to have your generator and toilets and catering tent, the best place for your band and bar, where the cake is best located. All very particular reasons why and where they are placed!

The last thing you want to do is stress out on your wedding day trying to get everything finished. Let us worry about your day and you just worry about spending time with your loved ones.

Tipi Testimonials

We could not have done this without her and any bride and groom that use Sian in the future are very lucky to have her as part of their experience.

We cannot thank Sian and of course Chris enough for everything they have done, we are sad the wedding over but also because this journey we have been on with Sian is over.........We best start saving for a renewal of vows!

We had no wedding planner until about 2 weeks before the wedding. Sian was without a doubt our saving grace! She pulled all of the loose ends together and made the day run as smoothly as possible (Even after we were running late due to our Camper van getting lost from the church to the venue). She was truly amazing and fully deserves her title as ‘Multi award-winning wedding planner’

We highly recommend using Busybrides.

We met Sian while we were looking around our venue and was given some fantastic tips and advice on some of the things we wanted to do. We booked Sian straight away and was so pleased that we had met her. All advice and tips are given not only saved us some money but were just fantastic and brought a really personal touch to our wedding.

Sian was able to take all the stress and worries that we had and completely nailed it on the day. We were able to really enjoy our wedding day and had complete confidence that everything ran as it should. We had a lot of outside suppliers, all of which were taken care of by Sian

We were so happy to have Sian be part of our special day and it really did feel as though we had known her for years. She is fantastic at what she does and is just such an amazing and funny person to be around. She really will make your day even more special than you already imagine it to be!

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