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The fashionable groom: your guide to the big day

Congratulations on your engagement! In this article, Christopher Legard, Managing Director of men’s clothing retailer Joseph Turner, offers his advice to grooms looking to put together the perfect outfit to wear on their wedding day.

Weddings take a lot of planning, and deciding how to present yourself on your big day can seem like a small, manageable task compared to everything else that’s on your plate. But looking your best takes a bit more thought than you might think, so don't be tempted to leave until the last minute.

Plus, your wedding is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a nice new outfit. So, to help you decide what to wear, below I’ll be sharing my top fashion tips for looking the part on your wedding day.

Keep it simple

The worst thing you can do when it comes to your wedding wardrobe is to overthink it. Not only do you stand ruining what could be a sleek and classy ensemble by trying too hard, but if you choose anything too contemporary, you’re more likely to regret your choice years down the line. Stick to conventional or traditional outfits like a suit or tuxedo instead and you can’t go wrong.

You can use the season as your inspiration if you’re struggling to make a decision when it comes to fabric and materials. After all, no one wants to be too hot or too cold on their wedding day. To stay warm on wintery days, look to suits made from tweed, a thick and warming fabric. In the heat of summer, a breathable linen suit will do the trick.

Get the right fit

Whether your suit fits properly or not is more noticeable than you might think, and it can have a major impact on your overall look. Too tight is unflattering, too baggy looks shabby, and too long or short can be just as bad. So, make sure you choose your size carefully and try your suit on before the big day.

Look out for the following things when trying on your jacket:

· Shoulders: The right angle where the arm of the jacket meets the shoulder shouldn't hang over the edge or stop too short.

· Buttons: If the fabric is pulling, you need a bigger size. If there is gaping in the front of your jacket, try a smaller one.

· Length: The sleeves of the jacket should end with your wrist if your arms are down by your sides. The bottom hem of the jacket should align with the front pockets of your trousers.

You need to be careful trying on your trousers, too, as the leg traditionally has one light crease where it meets the shoe, known as the break. But the current fashion among younger men is to wear your suit trouser shorter, even up to ankle height, so that’s something to consider if you want a less traditional look.

Follow the colour scheme

Whether it was your idea or it’s your other half who’s in charge, the colour scheme of your wedding was chosen for a reason. It could be a tone that's meaningful to the pair of you, flattering to your skin tones, or even part of a broader theme such as beachy or Halloween. But if you turn up on the day looking dressed for a different event, not only will it ruin your day but all the photographs you’ve taken to look back on in years to come too. So, pay close attention to what the bridal party and the venue decorations are based around and go off that.

That doesn’t mean you have to match, though. You can go for hues that are similarly warm or cool, or in the same colour family. If your theme is big on patterns, find a similar print in a different tone to complement yet stand out from the rest of the décor. You can still have fun with colour, as long as you keep the rest of the wedding arrangements in mind.

Show attention to detail

On your big day, all the attention will be on you and your beloved. So, you want to make more of an effort than stepping into a suit that morning — even if it is a very good suit that fits you well and complements your theme. The right accessories can transform any outfit into something great, so don’t forget to give due attention to the finishing touches.

Add a touch of luxury with accessories like cufflinks or jewellery, then add pops of colour or pattern through your choice of necktie. Finally, you’ll need to co-ordinate your buttonhole with the flowers in your bride’s bouquet to achieve a truly cohesive look for your wedding day.

Hopefully the tips in this guide has helped you decide what to wear on your wedding day.

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