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So how are you couples all feeling about the announcement on Friday? I couldn’t even post anything, I had no words to describe how bitterly disappointed I was for you all and nothing I could have said would have made you feel any better, but I’m so sorry you have been dealt yet another blow. All my weddings to October have been postponed, but I still have a handful planned for this year and this has now left me with complete uncertainty if any of them will go ahead as they are all over the 30 headcount.

So here I am popping my head up with my “no sugar coating” attitude, and I’m sorry but continue to say, we don’t have time for that, and this last announcement is living proof.

It’s all very well us thinking that we have now got to wait to the 15th August, BUT let’s really look at the wording. He has postponed them for “AT LEAST” two weeks and it is still based on what is happening with the infection spikes. So at the moment, this means NOTHING!

Debatable to say, but If people still continue to flock to the beaches, the pubs are full again, and no one is following a track and trace system, then there are people having house parties/bbq’s left right and centre (well they are in my area on a daily basis) and we are not even in the Christmas season which for me, seems that its approaching way too fast already, I’m just not sure that even a Micro Wedding is safe right now. Having that you have likely to have already re-planned your entire wedding from what you wanted to a mini celebration. Nothing is fail safe for this virus.

The major issue being that if the government lock downs again with less than 24 hours to go, flowers have been purchased, not just that, made into bouquets and centrepieces, food has been bought and likely prepped for the next day, staff have been hired, suppliers have loaded their vans and cars ready, wedding cake made, you are getting my drift, so to then just cancel at the drop of a hat is not just heart breaking but financially crippling.

I think anyone having a micro wedding needs to have a backup plan, whilst it’s good to have a backup plan for rain, this is chicken feed in the scale of things now, and think a backup venue! If pubs are the only ones that can remain open to accommodate your guest count, then I will be recommending a backup plan in a local restaurant. One that has a private room that can accommodate you as a backup plan so that if the government clamp down on weddings again once we are up and running, you can ring your guests and suppliers and move it to the restaurant instead with minimal disruption. I say minimum, it will of course be a disruption and a bitter disappointment, but at least the show will go on.

How many of you on here have been let down, yet again, by this latest announcement? And how have you made alternative plans, if at all?

i think going forward, maybe hiring out a pub should be the way forward One of my most favourite weddings has been in a pub with 100 people. The food was great and was really accommodating to what they wanted and how they wanted it served, and we still managed to pack in a dance floor with the best ceilidh band I have experienced so far, and a photo booth, we didn't have to skimp on any of the fun and laughter. So just because it's a pub, doesn't mean to say you can make it what you want. something to consider for the future and way more likely that in event of a pandemic, the celebration is more likely to go on.

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