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Are you looking for some land to hold a marquee wedding? If so we have a new kid on the block, and probably a very good time.


I am a multi-award-winning wedding planner with over 25 years’ experience in working within Events and specialising in weddings for the last 8 years.

I am an industry expert who has run/managed and planned over 50 weddings who specialises in Asian and dry hire/marquee weddings

We all know the world of weddings are going to look very different from now on and amongst all the other decisions you’ll need to make, finding the perfect venue is up there with one of the most important ones! So it may be a good idea to consider a marquee wedding for your day knowing that this helps you guests enjoy fresh air, the one thing we all value right now being cooped up day in and day out.

Also with all the postponements we have suffered from 2020 moving to 2021 on top of the existing new 2021 weddings, some may struggle to find a venue with availability that suits the time you wish to marry, and let's face it, who wants to "make do" with a date that is not ideal for you. we are going to be limited enough next year so maybe your mind should turn to hire some land to create your venue.

Obviously, you want to make sure that this venue is the perfect choice for your wedding, but when it comes to having land and a canvas, your choices are unlimited.

So welcome to Sandy Brook Fields. Based in Chelmsford on the outskirts of Hylands Park, the good thing about this land is the size, so if your needs were for a 4 hat tipi you are good to go!

If your mind was on glamping for your guests, it even has a water feed in place too for showers. Sounding more attractive all the time!!!

There are swings and roundabouts to having a dry hire, they are more complex than an event-ready venue, as you need to hire everything in, from the canvas to the toilets, from staff right down to cutlery and waste but this gives you the opportunity to have exactly what you want.

Got a venue restricted on suspending flowers, not here! Got a venue that will only allow you their own preferred suppliers, not here! The world is your oyster, as it is with any dry hire and a piece of land.

You could consider a framed marquee, not one of the most expensive options but can still give you a luxurious and glamorous setting for your day and ideal for large guests.

Want a Tipi style marquees? Built on the style of a wigwam with exposed beams, this will give you a far less formal/informal wedding. Ideal for a festival theme or a nice rustic look.

Then you have a heap of other options, Sperry tents which are beautiful, clear span marquees, and yurts, which is one of my personal favourites or even a stretch tent (although not ideal if you don’t have a sunny day).

Not only that, with COVID still hot on our trail, your guests will likely feel more comfortable attending your outside wedding than they would inside right now until a vaccine exists anyway.

This also means that you can organise a bigger venue than you actually need to cater for your headcount, so the ball is in your court when it comes to making it generously more COVID compliant.

The small print… you won’t be allowed amplified music after 11 pm and if you are selling alcohol that will have to stop at midnight. So you may want to consider starting your day earlier so you don't feel like you are missing out as most people who seek out marquee weddings in my experience want to party the night away.

However, despite no music, and if you are providing alcohol for free, you can carry on till a staggering 2 am, just not with audible music, but who doesn’t love a silent disco?

Or if you are the type of group that like a good fire pit, some decent drinking and a good chat, you can go on till silly early hours of the morning past this if you have enough fuel on the fire to keep you warm. A good way to finish the night if you are glamping.

A hire fee of £1500 that gives you lots of scope!

If you want an experienced Essex based wedding planner that loves and knows their way around a canvas wedding to help you plan your wedding day, then get in touch today. Whilst 2021 has gone slightly crazy we still have space in our diaries to help you have a picture-perfect, stress-free and COVID compliant, wedding day!

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