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How to manage your energy contracts in your first home after your wedding

Learn how to manage your energy contracts for your first home after your wedding

So you are planning your wedding and your honeymoon and buying your home at the same time, you have to think of everything and we can help with your wedding and even your honeymoon, but here is a little help around getting your utilities right for you in your new home too.

Moving into your first home with a new partner comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of these is making sure that your new home’s gas and electricity supply is fully up and running. But, the process to achieve this can seem confusing and tricky! But it definitely doesn’t have to be.

These processes of setting up your new home’s utilities might seem like a boring first step in your new life, but it’s so important to make sure you are both comfortable as you begin your new life together.

First things first, switch!

One of the first things you need to do when you move into your new home is to switch energy suppliers. Now, you can’t actually do this prior to moving in, however you should give it some thought beforehand. This is because you will automatically be put on a default contract from the supplier who was providing energy to the previous tenants of the property. Default tariffs tend to be a lot more expensive, as they aren’t so regulated. Therefore, the first month of your new life in your new home will inevitably involve some unwanted and unexpectedly high energy bills. Luckily, switching energy suppliers is super easy, quick and completely free with a trusted price comparison service.

But how do you know what energy contract to switch to?

Is green energy your priority?

Most UK suppliers offer green energy tariffs, however some suppliers definitely prioritise their renewable initiatives more than others, such as Bulb Energy and Octopus Energy, who are renowned for their renewable tariffs and affordable rates.

How much do you want to pay?

It’s always smart to go for a cheaper energy deal. However, with this, you might sacrifice a few environmental priorities of yours. If you and your partner want to start your new life together in a green home, then you might have to pay a little bit more in order to achieve that.

If, after your wedding, you can’t afford to pay your energy bills, then you should get in touch with your current supplier.

Luckily, there are lots of government initiatives, such as the Winter Fuel Payment and the Energy Price Cap, that protect consumers from being overcharged and that can support them during financial difficulties.

Starting a new life with someone comes with lots of hidden costs, but don’t worry, there is support out there for you should you need it.

Dual fuel or a single tariff?

If your priority is keeping your costs down, then we recommend opting for a dual fuel tariff. This means that your gas and electricity will be provided by the same energy supplier, instead of different suppliers for different fuel. Usually, suppliers offer deals and cheaper rates to their dual fuel customers, so this is a preferred option for those on a budget.

Are you moving into a new build?

If you are lucky enough to be able to move into a new build straight after your wedding, you will automatically be provided with a smart meter. However, of course there will be no previous supplier in a new build! So, your property developer should let you know who they opted with when building the property. You may even get some say in this when the property is being built!

To read more about how energy will get to your new home, you can read more here.

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