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Keeping Calm and Stress Free if You Are Getting Married This Year.

Let’s face it, there is only one big news story at the moment, and the fact is that COVID-19 is likely to put paid to a lot of our hopes, dreams and now social situations.

As if getting married didn’t have enough potential for racing hearts – including of the non-romantic kind – throw a global pandemic into the mix and you have a recipe for high stress, sleepless nights, and self-doubt.

But you shouldn’t have any of it, particularly when you are planning a life together with the person that you really want to be with. Now should be the time when you are at you best and comfortable in the knowledge that life is going to be great, just as soon as you can get the actual formalities out of the way. Or should we say, assuming you can get the formalities out of the way! It’s not for the want of trying I’m sure but as we know now, we are not at a stop, so its time to get on board with a postponement, and start to look forward to your new date.

So, with all the stress that a wedding can throw at you, even before you consider the fact that you may not be able to get to your honeymoon destination, and the Church of England limiting weddings to just five guests alongside (or at two metres distance, anyway) the couple, how can you keep calm? There are actually a good number of ways to relax, and make sure that you are in the best low stress condition for your big day, such as;

Meditate. I mean really meditate, not just sit cross-legged and repeat the phrase ‘Om’ a few times. Sit quietly in a warm, nice smelling area, light some candles, close your eyes, and start a cycle of square breaths. Breath in for two seconds, hold for two second, breath out for two and wait for two, before starting again. Before you know it, your worries will melt away. Well they won’t melt away, but it’ll give you that all important respite you probably need right now.

Use a Mantra. Like meditation, mantras used well can be a hugely effective tool. You just need to know what you want your mantra to be – examples might be “I feel good” or “I am Peaceful” or even “My wedding will go ahead this year” Repetition is the key but you can use them at certain key actions. Touch a door handle (after it’s been bleached of course), and repeat the phrase. Pretty soon you will be believing it, and feel more at ease because of it.

Light exercise. Gyms are okay (although not right now) but solo running is much better. It gives you time to clear your mind and focus on issues while your body just works in the background. You will also feel much fitter, which always helps with stress anyway.

Keep a journal. It’s always good to let your feelings out, even if they are negative. Jot how you feel down in a book or diary and you will find that it will summon an inner strength, almost as though it is taking the stress away from you physically.

Have some ‘you’ time. So we now have a whole heap of “you time” as we are to self isolate the entire UK, BUT don’t just waste that time, set aside some time in an evening to have a luxurious bath. Put on a candle, lower the lights, slip your favourite music on your player and just relax in the warmth and semi darkness. You’ll be amazed at how much you start to relax with this ritual.

Connect with your Partner. You’re going to be with them for a long time after you have been married, so start before. In fact with the involuntary isolation, it’s going to get a lot more connection whether you like it or not. Connect with them, enjoy them, share your hopes, dreams and fears with them. A problem shared is also halved, so learn how to be the best friend to your best friend.

Stay safe everyone xx

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