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We have created a series of blogs that will help with your planning if you are new to your wedding journey. So do come and delve in….

So far in this series you have

  • How to make a wedding budget

  • How to spend your wedding budget

  • How to create your perfect guest list

  • Choosing your date to marry

  • Understand the type of Venue hire

  • Finding your perfect venue


If you are only just starting to plan a wedding for 2023, you need to get your little socks pulled up, but if you are planning for 2024 onwards, you have a little more time to enjoy the process.

Consider the list you made from series 2, how to spend your budget. Get that list up, and start looking at your suppliers in the order of importance that you put on your budget and the style of wedding that you want. And just tackle one each 1-2 weeks.

By the time you have spent finding them, checking them out, reviewing all their testimonials, engaging with them to get dates and prices and then sit down (make it another date night) to go through who you like in order of preference, you could easily have your wedding planned from 3-6 months. The main elements of it anyway if you take your time in this way. Although if you are an internet queen and very resoureful you could have it done in a handful of weeks.

However, now that you have your venue and your date is booked, you need to put in your notices and book your registrar/officiant. I you were having a Church Wedding, I would be checking in on them before you book your venue to match up the dates.

Once you have done these few elements and all firmed up, you are now in a position to send out your “save our date” invites. Also you may want to create a mood board on Pinterest that you can share with your suppliers where it’s needed. You will soon get to know what style of wedding that you may like and you can make sure all your stationery is matching your theme preference.

Once you have chosen your wedding party you will get the feel for what style that you may like.

We have a whole heap of blogs that can help with our wedding day from what to buy your bridesmaids, do you need a seating plan for your ceremony, or how many glasses do you need for your home marquee wedding, how to write the perfect grooms speech and many more.

Now one final thing to say that it is always good to have a recommendation for your wedding. Especially when it comes to Catering, DJ’s, Planners, and Florists amongst just a few.


Google is your friend here, but also there are some recommendations that you may get fromt friends that are just too personal for your day to just go with them because they were brilliant for someone else’s wedding day, so whilst you can take on board the recommendation and do take a look, don’t just go with it. Do your homework and research their service and style to ensure it suits your day as every wedding is unique!


And just remember, when it comes to planning a wedding you can only do so much at any one time, so just take it nice and slow. Also, make sure that you discuss what kind of wedding day with your partner throughout and ensure you are both on board. The more decisions you make as a couple, the more you will both enjoy your wedding day.

AND DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON ALL YOUR SUPPLIERS… reviews on google, facebook, trustpilot, how long they have been established. Look at their social media, see if they are posting stuff that suits your wedding style.

Make every big or final decision a date night, milk it and enjoy every moment.

We wish you all the very best with your wedding planning and if you ever need a little help with your planning or are worried about your day, do reach out, we always love to be a part of our couples wedding journey.

Our gateway is always open to anyone that just needs to ask for a little advice.

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