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So you are missing your girls and you can’t now have your hen party, but it’s okay! All is not lost. If you have had to cancel due to the lockdown you can always have a virtual hen party with your girls, so there is a way. You can still plan for a Zoom party which anyone can access. So here are some ideas to see what you can do to have some fun with your bridal party during lockdown.

Stay-at-home party obvs!

This may seem the obvious choice, but having a few drinks or ten is always going to be fun by the time you get to 4 drinks regardless, maybe only 2 in my case. Get some great music you know you and all your girls love to dance to or if you have home parties like me, we just have some really great chat. Still get your hair and makeup done like you are leaving the house, dress up, put your stilettos on, and really commit to the zoom party.

The good thing about a virtual party is that it does not have to cost that much, or in some cases completely free. And lets face it, you may be pretty much guaranteed a full house of attendees.

Dress code

You can even decide on a dress code. If you had a rocking party set for an 80’s inspired Butlins weekend, then get your clobber on, or if you all had a night of clubbing planned, the get your clubbing gear on and party like you are there. Full commitment is required.

So try and bring in as many of the elements that you can that you had planned for your hen party. If that means you have sashes ready to go, try and get it to your girls so they can wear it on the zoom.

Your ideal playlist

Now you have your dress code, start to put together your perfect playlist that suits your theme. Again if you had a fun-packed 80’s or Abba night planned, then that is an easy task to put together a list. If you put your list together on Spotify or Deezer, or whatever method you prefer, you can get a boom box and play over the zoom to all.

Pamper Session

If your preference is not a party, but more of a pamper, then get everybody to get their beauty products out, do your nails or even have a nice soothing evening with a face mask, not the virus type, but the peeling type obviously! Or even better, why not make your own DIY facial mask altogether and make the mixture up at the same time.

Here are some places that have put together some homemade recipes to make some great face masks


Now you can pre-plan a quiz for your girls (you can always ask your chief bridesmaids to do all this). It’s not hard to find a bundle of quick questions that you can use. You can always find a quiz site and steal some questions that you feel would be fun and relevant for your party. We have added a link here for ease.

Tik Tok

Why not all ask that all your girls rehearse a small Tik Tok style dance routine in advance that they have to share on the zoom. Let their imaginations run wild and be prepared to laugh till you cry!

Are you Crafty?

You may prefer a little crafting. There are so many youtube videos on how to, why not pick something that you know you will enjoy making together, maybe even a face mask (now we are talking the virus protection type not the peeling type). Just because you are not in the same room, does not mean that you can’t all get crafty together. If you have a school teacher in your group even better, I’m sure they will have a gazillion things you could do to get crafty if they are used to giving kids to do!

Afternoon Tea?

If you all like a bit of afternoon tea, why not all make your own scones either earlier or feeling brave, do it on zoom altogether.

Enjoy an afternoon tea set up together. If you have a cake maker in your midst like I do, who brings cupcakes to every occasion, then ask them to give you all the recipe to go out and buy the items and you can all take instructions from her online whilst you all make cupcakes together.

Movie night

Why not could choose a film that you now you will all love, maybe using Netflix (most have this nowadays). Get your popcorn and sweets on your shopping list on the ready, and wash it down with some fizzy pop, or why not some Prosecco !

We recommend a good wedding-themed film, there are 100’s. Here’s just some to inspire you with some ideas. Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridesmaids, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Bride Wars, Father of the Bride, 27 Dresses, Destination Wedding, My best friend's wedding, Wedding Crashers, The proposal, and many many more. They are all excellent options to get into the vibe!

Make plans for when the lockdown is over

One of the main things in lockdown is not being able to be with your friends and not knowing when this will end, so why not all discuss all the things that you are going to do together when this is all over to give you all something to look forward to.

Reassure them that you will celebrate with them when this pandemic is all over and why not make a mini bucket list that is just for you and your girlfriends and make sure you all achieve them together when you can! Life is short!

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