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Do I postpone my Wedding? - COVID-19

Thinking about what the future is looking like for your wedding day?

Not to wanting to start a tale, but to marry or not to marry, this is the question? So let’s discuss this elephant in the room and here’s why we feel it would be wise to postpone now for those imminent wedding days for all of you that are just unsure.

A/ What guests do come, they will be reluctant to want to hug and kiss you on your wedding day. Weddings are highly emotional and that’s what makes them so special, do you really want a wedding day were everyone is kicking feet and banging elbows when all you really want is a good hug?

B/ You will naturally lose guests as they will be concerned about their own welfare, and rightly so! Some of which you may have not wanted to marry if you thought they couldn’t come.

C/ The quicker you make plans to move the date now, the more availability you will have before the May and June Weddings start to get on board the postponement train. Especially if your suppliers or venues only offer to move from 6 months from your original date. They are all different, but it’s time to find out where you stand

D/ I would imagine that there will be a ban on all events imminently, so you really need to get ahead of the game so you can make informed decisions now, rather than panicked decisions later.

E/ Realistically, it is the most sensible thing to do to keep yourself, and of course your loved ones safe from exposure to this dreadful virus. Not to mention suppliers of course! We love you, we want you to have the best wedding day, but we too have old vulnerable families at home that we want to keep safe.

I know this is a really difficult decision, but you will have to be really brave and get on board with what is happening now, there is no time to sugar coat this diabolical situation that you lovely couples are left with, and my heart goes out to all of you!

If you decide to go ahead still having heard all the good reasons not too, then I wish you all a safe and beautiful wedding day.

If you decide to cancel having seen the reasons why you should, this is what you do next:

1. Contact your insurance, see where you stand

2. Contact your venue, find out where you stand AND get some available dates to move to

3. Contact your immediate family to see if they can make the dates suggested, rule out dates out they can’t do

4. Contact all your suppliers with the dates to see how many of them are willing to move to that date and if they have availability

5. Have a discussion together, decide what date suits you all the best

6. Contact everyone to firm up your new date

7. Contact your guests and let them know you have a new date and ask for an rsvp

8. Reprint anything you have had done with dates on, hopefully this would be your only expense

It sounds daunting but it is a simple process and people that you have been dealing with for a year or so.

We hope that you all stay safe xxx

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