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As if weddings are not expensive enough, then you have to consider adding costs to your catering bill for your suppliers. Ouch right?

However, you do have to remember that they may be with you for anything from as little as 7 to even 18 hours of the day according to what we are supplying and the last thing you need is a fading photographer, DJ or definately not a Planner who is keeping your day together, nor do you want to promote any of your suppliers to go off site for food risking being delayed coming back, so whilst it may seem an expense at the time, it’s worth the cost to have them stay on site and of course stay alive 😍

So here are just a few things to consider in your planning:

You do not have to provide a three course dining experience. Just the main course is more than adequate to keep their energy level up. In fact ifyou have a hotel, you can offer them a bar menu to order from OR your caterers may be happy to provide an alternative cheaper option, esepcially if you are having fillet steak. Remember for suppliers, food if for fuel, not for enjoyment. You should be asking your caterers for a supplier’s meal prices. You should not be paying the same price as your other guests per head.

You do not have to supply your suppliers alcohol. Water and or soft drinks is all that should be required. Providing alcohol should be at your complete discretion so make sure that your bar know what to serve.

You may, on occasion, get a band that ask for Alcohol in their contract, but not so much nowadays.


Whilst many large Asian weddings offer suppliers table, you are not required to provide a table within your wedding reception. Suppliers will eat wherever there is space in the venue away from guests, although a table in my experience at a marquee wedding, is a bonus or it’s the floor.

And if you have a Toastmaster, you should not be expected to have them sat next to you at the top table eating a three course meal, this is an old antiquated tradition. It is YOUR day, not theirs.

So don’t feel that this has to be a huge expense to you just because suppliers have asked for food in their contract. Keep it simple.

Outside of that, there are lots of amazing caterers out there that can be super generous that always bring extra and often happy to give suppliers a main course without it costing you any extra.

Hope this helps when budgeting for your catering.

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