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It's all very well having a view on a Photo Booth as a Wedding Planner, but to get views from a Photographer we feel is far more of a valid contribution. So we are delighted to get the thoughts on this subject from the very talented and lovely Will Stedman on why you should considering hiring a photo booth service in addition to your photographer.

Will Stedman Photography

Will says "When couples often ask me “should we hire a photo booth of our wedding day?” my answer is always YES!"

I’d like to take a little time to explain why photo booths are the perfect addition to every wedding…

Photo booths have become increasingly more popular at weddings across the UK, producing instant printed memories and providing that next level fun factor to keep your guests entertained. The main objection to a photo booth at many occasions is the price. On one hand I can say that they certainly aren’t the cheapest attraction. Most people ask “If I’ve already got a professional wedding photographer present why is there a need for a booth?!”. But on the other hand…

They do act as a hilarious reminder of your special day!

All photo booth services will offer prints and the usual way it works is that one goes to the couple, and another print gets put into an album in which guests can write lovely messages for you. Not only is looking back through the photos a hilarious memory jerker in years to come but you’ll be able to read the pearls of wisdom that come from your guests notes… Or at least the rude shaped object drawn in the corner of the page will make you both laugh! So really it’s a win win!

Entertainment factors are off the chart!

With a ton of comical props, bright flashing lights, and cool backdrops if you were worried that people will get bored at your wedding then you need not worry with a photo booth on hand! People will instantly flock to have their photo taken like children to a sweet shop. But don’t worry about your guests that have already had their photo taken getting bored as it won’t matter when they watch on whilst laughing their socks off at the antics going on from the others pulling their best poses, It’s also a great distraction from the sweet table for the children, after all, who wants to deal with sugar high kids! They’ll simply LOVE the photo booth as much as the adults. I bet you! Ice breaker

Let’s face it… it can be a little awkward if not everyone knows each other, but a photo booth is the perfect ice breaker for getting conversation flowing and guests interacting with each other. It’s exciting to see a wedding party in full flow with everyone chatting and enjoying themselves and a photo booth definitely provides that thrill!

The reminder that lasts

Once all your guests have had their meal, taken a slice of cake wrapped up in a napkin for the way home, they’ll be left with their photo booth prints… and you know exactly where that bad boy is going to go. Yep that’s right, straight on the fridge! It’ll serve as a lovely reminder for all of your guests about how much fun they had at YOUR wedding for years to come!

Photo booth Options?

So what to pick? Well you would normally look for an option that suits your theme and your space. You can either go for a novelty option like this quirky caravan like the picture above or you can opt for a VW Campervan from the likes of Buttercupbus or Retrohire. However if you don't have the space or it does not suit your theme, there are many other option to choose from. You have the traditional photo booths which still takes up a little space, but it can usually fit inside, there are photo mirrors that take no space at all or even kiosks, or even old fashioned cameras on tripods if it suits your theme, the choices are endless nowadays.

We'd like to thank Will for his valued view on photo booths and we have to say, we completely agree. When we plan and run wedding with photo booths included, the guest seem to flock to them and have so much fun.

Now you have heard this directly from a photographer, would you consider a photo booth?

We thank Will for his guest blog, great to get this view from a photographer for those that are sitting on the fence about getting a photo booth for their wedding day.

Talking of photos, If you are looking for a photographer, do head over to Will's website to see his work! We absolutely loved working with Will, he was so easy to get on with, puts everybody at ease and produces fantastic photos.

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