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Do BusyBrides Wedding Planners charge commission? NO!!!

This Blog requires no pretty wedding pictures. It is an important message to all couples that maybe looking to secure a Wedding Planner.

Recently I published a selection of blogs, one of these were “how to build your wedding budget”.

Now the only thing in additional thing to add to this is that you may want to consider is getting a Wedding Planner, and obviously that will bump up your budget. However, most good planners will enhance your day and we have the resources to realise your wedding hopes and dreams within the confines of your budget.

However, it is not always as cut and dry as just "hiring a planner", as there are three different kinds of planners.

  • Some planners are Commission led only

  • Some planners take a minimum spend with a % of your budget AND take commission/kickbacks

  • Some planners DO NOT take commissions at all. BusyBrides Wedding Planners fall in this category

Anyone are part of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, DO NOT charge commission and worth knowing that you can't be a member if you take commission.

There is much confusion as to why Wedding Planners taking retrospective commission from suppliers should not be illegal. This is due to the fact that you, the client, who signs all contracts and makes all final decisions on the choice of suppliers that your planner presents to you should be presented with integrity.

Your planner is a hired person to consult about your choices and coordinate the suppliers on your special day. Due to their role as wedding advisor, this requires trust and the fact that this role is to recommend the best suppliers for your wedding day, so taking a retrospective commission from suppliers should really be considered a Fraud.

The type of planner that takes kickbacks AND a minimum fee plus % of your budget is unlikely to be suggesting the best supplier for you but selecting those suppliers that pay them the most commissions. This is a complete misrepresentation of your business relationship. This type of fraud should be illegal, but as the industry is not regulated, some will continue to do this until they can no longer.

So what is the commission that get?

I could say how long a piece of string is, but in essence, all Planners will charge a fixed fee for the services that provide you with a % of your overall budget, but those that charge commission, will expect anything from 10-20% from the supplier as as kickback.

Now you may not mind paying additional finances to your planner that takes retrospective commission, that would be a personal choice, but your overall wedding spend will be much higher than it really needs to be and by an amount that you have no control over. A lof of my wedding catering costs run between £15k-25k. Would you really want to pay an additional £1500-£5,000 in commission on top?? No... It is unlikely that you do!

By using a planner that does NOT take commissions not only do we often get better pricing from suppliers across the board, we ensure that we engage with the best suppliers that suit your needs and wedding design, and not pick suppliers based on the most commission they pay, so there is two benefits from having a strictly no commission planner for your wedding day.

BusyBrides Wedding Planners are perfectly clear that we do not accept commissions and anyone that does not take commission will have make it very clear to you, so those that don't make it clear, you should really be asking these questions.

All my contracts are in my couple’s names for insurance purposes but also for complete transparency, BUT equally they can engage with my suppliers directly to discuss financies at any given time, and visa versa. If my relationship cannot be built on trust, integrity and honesty, then I cannot expect my couples to expect me to work in their benefit. We take this very seriously and we respect your wedding budget at all times.

The UK AWP have a blog that explains further on “Should Wedding Planners Accept Commission” here.

Our policy is clearly available on the footer of our website

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