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So we are finally heading back to normality, which means weddings are set to return soon.

What I find odd is that we will go from a socially distanced wedding of maximum 30 guests with masks on the 20th June to the 21st June with a completely unrestricted wedding of 500 the very next day.

I wonder how we are all going to adapt to these changes over night?

And importantly, I wonder how many are going to be comfortable with large groups as we find our feet to adapt back to normality?

I think that some of your guests are going to find this a challenge. We are all on a very different journey with the virus and no one really knows how others are feeling without having to spell it out.

Do you hug them, or bang elbows or just keep a distance?

Considering putting in place some kind of comfort system is going to be a pretty good option to meet these challenges that your guests may face.

The comfort system will represent where your guests are with their journey. It allows your guests to give their individual preference without having to say a word.

So if your wedding is imminent after we return to normality, why not consider putting this in place to give your guests some comfort that they will be respected according to where they are with the pandemic,

So you could have a traffic light system:

Red: - can mean no physical contact. I’m still in Social Distancing mode, so please keep a 2 meter distance.

Yellow – still being cautious but happy to chink elbows and happy to stand and chat at a 1 meter distance

Green – can mean Hi Fives, handshakes and hugs happily received.


Pink – can mean please keep a 2 meter distance, and please don’t be offended if I keep my mask on

Blue – can mean I am comfortable in a group, but not at hugging stage yet

White – can mean I have been vaccinated, let’s celebrate

To be fair you can use any colours that suits your theme .

You can use many items. If you have having a festival style wedding, you could use the silicone bands, but you could also use ribbons, pins, badges of even stickers (this would be the most cost effective).

Your options are unlimited to show how your guests can graciously signal their comfort preferences.”

Why not consider putting this in place for your guests. We are not all going to be in the same place.

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