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2020 bought us a lack of clarity throughout the hospitality industry and especially weddings where it hit us the hardest. However, as a wedding planning I have seen that what it has bought us are new potential trends, and here is some of those trends that I feel will be around in 2021.

Now I would have normally said a small wedding was one at around 50, but now I would say that is a size we would all crave for right now and in reality a small intimate wedding is now anything as low as 10-15 of your closest loved ones.


With my wedding planners head on I am very much reading all the forums and I am seeing many more Brides exasperated with the unknown and many couples are now saying they will just get married even if it’s only 15 allowed, so intimate small weddings are definitely set to remain for the time being regardless if by choice or by restriction.

Some it seems are looking to reduce their headcount just to guarantee them a safe and more relaxing wedding planning journey over the need to just comply with potential regulations. Even when restrictions start easing up, it’s likely that the trend of small intimate weddings, that we have lovingly come to know as Micro Weddings, will set to continue.

So what do you think that we may see more of in 2021 ? As a wedding planner, here are my thoughts below.


Food hygiene is going to be critical for 2021 to prevent people all queuing up and potentially breathing droplets over the food that will be shared between your guests and I expect there will be restrictions around this that may last until things start to return to normal.

So this may mean we will see less of the fabulous hog roast (on of my favs before I went vegan) or BBQ or buffets. Anything that will prevent the need of people queuing whilst potentially spreading germs around the food.

The same may apply to dessert tables, chocolate fountains and anything that may create a que or at least multiple people spreading droplets over the food for everyone else. This sadly may also see family style cooking disappear for a while too with the cross contamination of everyone digging in to the same bowl of food using the same serving instruments.

So with that in mind the one thing that will become not just a trend, but an essential need will plated meals, purely from the safety of the guests. It’s been a tradition for many years. Whilst this has always been a serving option, with so many other serving styles being removed from our grasps, this is the only style that will be available and therefore will become a trend for that reason for maybe just this yeaer. It will make more of a come back than ever before.

This isn’t going to necessarily be the vibe you want for your wedding day, but the safety of your guests should outweigh that small element.

If you are willing to pay the extra to have staff bring your hog roast, pizza or BBQ to your table on a plate, you can still have the food you want, just may have to cost a little more for the service to have this as a plated style meal instead.


I think having hand sanitizer for wedding favours is going to be very much something couples will think about this year. Providing your guests with a handy pocket sized hand sanitizer is going to be a thoughtful offering and that means that you are considering your guests safety first and foremost. I also think for those that can push the boat out, maybe a hand lotion too. As we all know, this hand washing and sanitizer is taking its toll on our skin.

I also think that the Covid wristbands could become a trend this year. If you haven’t read my blog on this, take a look here. It's a great way for your guests to know where other guest are on their journey with covid-19 and will prevent any potential upsets on the day.


With the Brexit deal now pretty much done it seem all very quiet on the floral front. I know many florists were worried about the rising costs of importing flowers once Brexit was completed but now we have our deal it seems there is radio silence, this could be a good thing.

Not sure if everyone is trying to fathom that one out, but until it does, we think that faux flowers maybe a trend for the time being. You can get so many choices if faux flowers now, in all the styles and flowers that you love that may even be out of season on your wedding day, to these amazing willow trees that are on the market today, so nothing is out of reach to create a beautiful style without the need for real flowers. That’s not to say that they are any cheaper than real flowers, but they won’t looked withered on your wedding day.

Also for those that are having smaller intimate weddings, we think that far bigger floral displays will be more on trend, especially for the ceremony arrangement. I just planned this beautiful small wedding with 15 of their nearest and dearest who had this amazing floral arch. (designed by JFStylng in Essex) It was completely full of silk flowers and looked every bit the part.

We also envision that there will be way more emphasis on candles which bring some a beautiful element to any wedding, especially if they are scented and bring in another sense. If you haven’t read my blog on having a scented wedding, go take a look here.


Whilst scented weddings are lovely I’m finding more often than wedding venues are refusing naked flames and this is where Reed Diffusers will become far more popular in weddings as it is a great way way to get a beautiful smell throughout your wedding venue.

They bring a gorgeous smell that is much stronger and therefore you would need far less diffusers than you would candles to get your scent to that ultimate smell. See some of the amazing smells here that one of my lovely previous brides offers


With so many Brides that have bought their perfect summer wedding dress have now found themselves with an off-peak winter wedding due to a postponement and with that will come a need in wedding shawls.

It’s likely it wasn’t’ something you had even anticipated buying for your wedding day when you dreamed of a summer wedding, but alas many have been forced to move their dates and therefore unless you are brave enough to bare your shoulders outdoors without freezing your bustle off, many may just have to consider a wrap to keep them warm during their photos.


Finally we feel that live streaming is going to be part of many videography/photographer offerings going forward. If they don’t offer, they need to get on board pdq

Truth is we just don’t know when travel is going to be allowed this year and for whom and for when so if you still want Nanny Pat who lives in Canada to see you get married, you have to consider that this may not be possible.

I already had an entire wedding I planned postpone an entire year because everyone was from the US and they couldn’t travel.

Myself personally have many Asian weddings and many guests come from far and wide see their families get married, so streaming, like the one above, will become even more popular in 2021 and the next best thing from not being able to be there on your special the day.

Then of course we have the new rules coming in this Wednesday that means anyone flying into the UK, international or UK nationals, have to present a negative COVID-19 test before they board a plan up to 72 hours before they look to get on the plane. Another expense your family/friends will have to make just to get to your wedding.

Then if your guests are not arriving from a country that is not on the governments list of "travel corridors" they will then have to self isolate for 10 days, regardless of their result.

This means anyone within that criteria coming to your wedding will have to arrive 11 days early for your wedding day. So this is why we feel that live streaming will become way more popular. It wont be by choice it will be necessity for many.

I myself have someone in my family getting married abroad this year, but if we still have 10 days of isolation for my return in July, then it’s likely that I will have to miss the wedding as I have my own clients weddings to consider too. I will 100% hope that they will have a live stream available so as not to miss out.

So there’s a handful of things that we feel may be very on trend whether by choice or not, in 2021.

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