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Bridgerton Wedding Ideas That Would Get Royal Approval

Did you get caught up in the Netflix craze that was Bridgerton? I know I did and I'm ready to binge watch the second series the moment I can.

Whether you’re the show’s biggest fan, you just fell in love with all the romance or even if you haven’t managed to watch the series…it’s hard to ignore Modern-Day Regency inspiration sweeping the wedding scene.

Bridgerton Theme Wedding @ Dartmouth House, Mayfair

From elegant fashion to pastel colour themes making a strong comeback, Bridgerton wedding inspiration is at full fever pitch. And with the new series landing on Netflix – it’s going to be influencing weddings for a good while yet. One of my favourite venues for this style would be Dartmouth House in Mayfair, just look at this ceiling... it's stunning!

If you are thinking of recreating the Bridgerton and having a wedding day that even Lady Whistledown herself would say was the “most remarkable triumph of the season” then you’re in the right place!

A Fairytale Staircase @ Dartmouth House, Mayfair

An Impressive Venue fit for a Queen

It’s hard to think of Bridgerton without thinking of the impressive sets and grand ballrooms. The ultimate way to transport everyone into the elegant affair that’s about to be your wedding, is to choose a regency inspired place to say your vows. Look for a venue with wow factor on approach to set the scene for your wedding day with a Georgian feel to match with buildings of the era. As at least part of your wedding day will be spent indoors, we can’t mention Bridgerton without thinking of the spectacular ballroom scenes, great halls and fairytale staircases, which would make for a beautiful, grand entrance to say your vows.

If the romantic walks in the park caught your eye and you’d be more suited to an outdoors wedding – look for venues with private, well-maintained lawns and whimsical floral landscaping like the below venue at Sezincote Gardens – think follies, mazes and gorgeous gardens.

Bridgerton Theme Wedding with beautiful Gardens at Sezincote House, Cotswolds

Decorations fitting for a Duchess

Regency blue was a signature colour of the period in which Bridgerton is set. It’s a soft but striking colour that was used in everything from fashion to architecture of the time. Luckily it’s a gorgeous shade that suits most wedding themes. From a more relaxed wedding and incorporating the colour in table runners and chintzy glass bottles filled with blooms at a rustic wedding to grand tablescapes at a more formal style wedding.

Your Bridgerton theme works with regency blue that pairs well with peachy shades

It’s also a colour that pairs well with a lot of others so you can use it as subtlety or as strongly as you like. Regency Blue pairs particularly well with peachy shades, just as we used at my couples beautiful Chinese celerbation at Darthmouth House. This gorgeous colour duo can be used in so many ways throughout your Bridgerton inspired wedding. From peach-flavoured cocktails, peach coloured blooms look delightful adorning long wooden trestle tables nestled in between softer blue shades and you could incorporate both colours into your wedding party attire too.

Similarly Regency Blue works well on it’s own. Another way to use Regency blue in your colour scheme is in your table settings. Blue napkins wrapped with a plain, white ribbon and olive leaves look beautiful together and will certainly elevate your table setting.

I can’t do the series or the historical period justice without mentioning the flowers. Hydrangeas, wildflowers, and cleverly placed petals along the aisle, in the wedding scene, elevated the on-screen sets and can be recreated on a budget too.

Handwritten Stationery that rivals Lady Whistledown’s writing

Embrace the grandness of your occasion and send handwritten invitations to your guest list. Find a calligrapher or stationer who will work with you to incorporate the look you are going for into your wedding stationery.

Handwritten invitations and place cards will set the tone of your wedding day and it always feel a little bit special to receive an invitation in this way.

I love the idea of adding a handwritten note to each guest at his or her place in a beautiful envelope. It’ll be a lovely surprise and could replace the need for favours too.

Writing individual handwritten notes can be a lengthy process, but it’s a lovely gesture that your guests will appreciate. Stick to writing one or two lines thanking them for sharing your day with you and perhaps sharing a favourite memory. You can get personalised note cards from your stationer and it adds that special touch. You could also add a wax seal for total luxury or add a few sprigs of dried flowers or leaves to your stationery for that Regal feel. We used a wax seal but opted for a brooch as a wedding favour below.

A gold wax seal for that luxurious look

A Reception fit for Royalty

Who says you need to spend a fortune on your reception? Weddings of the time were smaller affairs and you can still create a luxury, regal feel no matter your guest list size or your budget! In the last season the only extravagant element we saw in the Bridgerton wedding between Daphne and Simon, was their wedding cake the rest of the focus was spent purely on the emotion of the occasion and thatw as no different for my lovely wedding in these photos for only 28 guests.

The easiest way to recreate your Bridgerton style catering for the wedding without spending a fortune is by having a grazing table. Grazing table companies are fabulous at creating impressive displays and are accustomed to making sure all of your guests catering needs are taken care of too- whether it’s vegetarian, vegan or gluten free.

if you get the right supplier your grazing table can look like a work of art, but if grazing platters or a wedding breakfast doesn’t suit your style than an afternoon tea can work really well. Luckily it’s totally on trend for a Bridgerton-inspired wedding too. Collect china plates, cups and saucers and serve mini sandwiches, scones and patisserie. You could lay on fresh pots of tea or serve cocktails and alcohol with an English Country twist – including herbs you would grow in the garden or fresh rose. Afternoon tea is perfect for an early afternoon ceremony

Is there anything more lavish than a Regency inspired wedding? No I have done one, we think it just works beautifully for a wedding theme. What do you think?

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