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As one of the most important days of your life, your wedding is going to be all about you and your new partner. There is NO other event in your life when so many people are going to be gazing at you for so long, and that in itself can be tiring and you’re going to need a lot of stamina to get through it – particularly when the wine and beer starts flowing.

You may already have a good level of fitness, but as the weeks to your wedding become days, the schedule is going to get punishing, and you are going to be expected to be at the top of your game mentally and physically for the whole slog.

But with all that organising on your plate, you don’t want to have to spend endless hours at the gym too. So how can you keep in shape for your big day without stressing too much about how long it will take to reach the Spin class or box-fit every other day, let alone actually doing the class?

Modern brides and grooms are increasingly playing it smart by focusing on becoming more time efficient when it comes to their training application. In support of this way of thinking and acting, they are almost invariably investing in a #personaltrainer to help them apply the best training methodology and structure to transforming their physique and fitness.

With gyms not yet being fully available to train and knowing that we have all over indulged during lockdown, working out can be frustrating. Imagine instead, experiencing tailored personal training sessions performed in the comfort of your home, or outdoors guided with the supervision of your own personal trainer. How good does that sound?

We all know that a personal trainer is a highly trained and well-established health professional who will not only be able to understand your requirements – and your timescales – but will be able to assist you with everyday living as well as helping with whatever type of exercise regime you need to get in shape for your wedding. If you want the best for your wedding, day, then why not have the best for yourself too.

Whether your goals are weight loss, fat loss, increased muscle tone, strength training or even endurance training (though not the type needed to deal with your mother in law), your personal trainer will be able to advise you on the best exercises and diet for your needs.

However it is fair to say that a wedding day is long and some of my larger weddings may have a three day extravaganza and stamina getting through all of that is key!

With all the excitement, the organisation, the running around and general heightened level of adrenaline, many couples just do not realise a wedding day or multiple wedding celebrations will will take it out of you, so why not ensure you are the best you can be!

So, getting wedding fit for your big day needn’t be an unsightly mass of trepidation. A personal trainer will have a program designed to help you shed a few pounds.

This takes me on nicely to share the details of an amazing Personal Trainer I know and highly recommend. I was very fortunate enough to be a part of his wedding journey into married life. A day I will always remember and a grooms speech I will never forget. We have a complete mutual respect of what we both do and for that I don't mind unashamedly promote the work he does as I know he is as passionate about helping you get fit as I am about weddings.

So let me introduce you to Esin, Personal Trainer. I could sing his praises, but if I just give you a sample of some of his clients I think they speak for itself.

Here goes: Rudimental, the legendary Anne-Marie, Mahalia, Kyra. Then there are the professional footballers like Riess Nelson (Arsenal), Jack Wilshere (West Ham), Jonathan Dinzeyi (Tottenham Hotspur). I could go on, but there is a long list...

Conveniently located in London, where most of my clients live, he is well located to service many of you looking to get fit for your wedding day. Not sure when gyms will be readily available with covid, so don't wait to get in, go book some Esin time.

Happy Training

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