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This was a guest laughing until she cried through what was the most hilarious grooms speech. I've never laughed so hard
Photo by Will Stedman Photography


I feel the need to write down my feelings today, so whilst I'd love to say the pictures I chose represent the topic, they are just pictures of people laughing till they cried at weddings I did that generally make me feel uplifted.

So here we are nearly at the end of January and this ongoing pandemic has still not got any easier for anyone when it comes to their weddings. Instead of enjoying dreams of pending marital bliss, we are managing nightmares. Couples and wedding Industry suppliers and venues still continue to be hit hard and whilst we all appreciate that keeping motivated, healthy and safe is important, it does not stop us from feeling “when will this ever end”

I think it is far to say that the world will unlikely ever be the same again for sometime. Whilst the world recovers from the toxicity that we push into it on a daily basis, we will continue to face uncertainties of when these life restrictions will come to an end. Whist I try to remain positive, I do find more things frustrating me than normal. Like having nothing decent on the TV yet virgin want to increase the price by £3.50 a month. When the world is on its knees and all we have is TV for entertainment the big boys come along and take money that many just don’t have to give. It makes me want to scream!

What this pandemic has done however is make me appreciate my friends that I miss lots, or going out to a restaurant for an evening meal. I miss hugging my parents that I used to see for coffee and cake pretty much every day as they walked my dogs in the afternoon.

A beautiful wedding at Sezincote Estate
Photo by Will Fuller Photography
I don’t know about you, but are you worried that we will forget how to connect with people? Will we forget to hug and kiss our loved ones goodbye because it’s become so ingrained not to? Will we be comfortable in a room of strangers for a while?

I feel cheated that in 2020 I was set to have a seriously busy year back to back with weddings from March to December. A year of shear bliss and happiness to conclude with a 50th birthday with a killer party after a kick-ass year of weddings, but the world had other ideas.

For all my lovely couples who chose to marry throughout 2020, they had their dreams shattered and provided them with all so much ambiguity. It’s made me realise how much couples appreciated having a wedding planner on hand to help them through such a difficult time and process.

I always knew that my role as a wedding planner was one of great importance to my couples, but this last year has shown me that my role may never have been more crucial! Some have chosen to cancel their wedding, a few chose to have a smaller intimate wedding but the majority of my couples are looking to the future and keeping their dreams and hopes to marry in 2021 and so with that decision came a process to postpone weddings.

With each wedding having between 10-20 different suppliers having to re-negotiate with each one individually, re-signing contracts, negotiating dates, finding new suppliers and seeing how to best work through the process when suppliers can’t continue the wedding. It’s been a ride, and one I don’t envy for the many couples that have the extra worry to postpone their own weddings and navigate through the unknown, not just to them, but to their suppliers too.

On that note, we are still offering a postponement service if anyone is finding it hard with the idea of having to having to postponed again. We will open discussion up with your venue and all your suppliers to match up new dates and make sure to keep any financial loses to a minimum. We will also help find replacement suppliers where necessary. Whilst the industry has been bit badly, most suppliers have been incredibly flexible in moving dates without any cost implications, even when it has been detrimental to their own needs. I’ve been blown away by many suppliers and venues during this time.

A groom listening to the Brides Speech. I love this pictures, it makes me smile
Photo by Dan Adams Photography

I realise for my couples that having a planner can keep you at arm’s length from the stresses of dealing with a postponement.

However, when it’s all said and done and we have a new date and our couples have had the opportunity to just relax and enjoy a new date, it made me realise that I love what I do regardless of the not so nice task that I had to do for them.

I am truly honoured that I get to be a part of my couples journey and be there from the start of their new life together. One of their biggest celebrations that they will have in their lifetime.

Whilst we are now in 2021 we still find ourselves in a very similar situation. One wedding I have postponed now four times. April 20 to October 20, to April 21 and then to August 21 . They are truly lost now what their date actually is, its heart-breaking and the reality is that we really have no idea when life will return to normal.

I see lots of forums where Brides just don’t know what to do, and whilst my reset button was previously firmly on April, for the first time, I’m not so sure. I wish we had a crystal ball to help everyone to know, but we don’t.

Many couples that wanted to start a family are on the edge whether of to forge ahead, or wait until their wedding day. Dresses have been purchased and it’s an expensive and long process to buy another because of being pregnant or maybe holding the baby weight after.

Something you just don’t know how your body will deal with. One of my weddings this October just had the amazing news that they will have a 4 month old by then. The fact is, life must go on!

Anyway, I think I needed to get this off my chest today. Sometimes it’s good to download and living on your own, the only thing we have often is our keyboard and monitor!

If you feel the need to rant or vent, welcome to do so in the comments, or send me a DM or email. Consider me a Samarital and my gateway is always open. Sometimes it’s just good to unload.

Stay safe everybody

If you are still unsure what to do and you are considering on keeping your date even if you have to reduce your numbers, here is a blog on a micro wedding I did last year. It may leave you feeling more positive about smaller numbers.

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