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Men's Apparel for the Perfect Wedding

SO we thought would write something for the grooms.

It used to be that men got hitched wearing a morning suit, and if you couldn’t afford that, the same suit as you used for job interviews and (ahem) court appearances.

Nowadays, wedding styles are not only geared towards the bride but embrace a huge range of styles for the groom and his entourage too. Men today are able to really embrace the occasion, and let their style match their imagination.

With that said, weddings are still a fairly formal affair but that doesn’t mean that you have to be staid and there are many different fashion choices that are perfectly acceptable for the groom, best man, and other significant male guests.

There are a number of basic styles of wedding apparel and many different combinations within the less formal end of the spectrum.

So lets start with the most formal;


Think of penguins and you get the picture. Traditional and fairly well constrained, the morning suit look is pretty well regimented with the male cadre wearing very similar clothing

Tail coats and top hats can be broken up with more flamboyant waistcoats to give a bit of individuality. If you really want to stand out, pick a migraine-inducing cravat to go with it.

I do still like the traditional style. Ian looked a picture on his wedding day, and clearly was very comfortable in his morning suit.


While still pretty formal, if you are feeling confident you can opt for a white tuxedo to take the edge off the look, but black trousers and shiny shoes are a must, as is tying your own bow tie since only clowns and small children should use pre-tied ones.

White dress shirts can have detail and you can even opt for different colours, but be a bit careful not to end up looking like a packet of Opal Fruits.

This is undoubtedly one of BusyBrides favourite men's wedding attire and we think the lovely Russell (above) looked stunning on his wedding day.


Ideally a good quality shirt and tie under a well-cut suit jacket and trousers to match. Shirt top button should be secured and this isn’t generally one for outrageous shirts. If you have a Superman shirt in your wardrobe, leave it in there for this kind of wedding…in fact, leave it there for any style of wedding! We think Stojan nailed this look, and we do love a bit of Navy!


You can have much more fun with this ensemble, mixing up jackets and trousers with shirts and ties. Shoes should be smart but can err towards the more casual and shoe types can be fairly flexible too.

Bow ties are popular with this kind of dress, and colour mixing and matching makes it much more fun but once again, make sure that you tie it yourself. Try and opt for lighter colours in the summer as the lift the mood of everyone. There’s a fine line between looking decent and looking dapper and we think Anthony looked dapper for his wedding day, and we definitely loved this check look, it worked great and picked out the theme colours perfectly.


This is a great option, but think tropical and try and stretch beyond the off-white linen suits and investigate salmon pinks and pale blues too. Polo shirts are a good choice here but bear in mind that it is a wedding not a barbeque so dress accordingly. Beach wedding says it all, so you may want to add a good-looking hat of some type – smart straw boaters are good – to keep the sun off in the middle of the day. Pick wisely and you can look very smart while being cool and relaxed. Personally, we think he nailed it and found a great balance of looking great, but cool!


Pretty much anything informal goes, but check with the bride in case she doesn’t want ripped tee-shirts in the wedding photos. There are plenty of combinations to choose from, including tailored shorts, casual jackets, and deck shoes. If you do plump for a tee shirt, it’s best to increase formality by having it tucked into belted trousers. It’s gonna be hot and sultry on the beach so sunglasses are de rigueur. !

Summer weddings are fun and do give you the opportunity to get creative and less like a double-glazing salesman, but check the dress code on the invite well before the big day.

So that concludes our look. We thought it would be nice for a change to have something for the men, especially as last week it was National Men's Mental Health Week. Lets big it up for the boys.

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