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Before you shop for your Bridal Gown

Things to consider before you shop for your Wedding Dress

Firstly, rule number 1, make sure you give yourself enough time.

We would suggest that you should start your search around 10-11 months before your wedding date to give yourself time to shop. Most good bridal shops will ask you to make an appointment, so you have to consider their diaries, not just your own.

Whilst most designers can take around 6 months, there are some that take up to 9 months, so don’t leave yourself with potential disappointment.

Don’t buy too early, is just as important.

It’s all very well being newly engaged and ready to shop your ultimate dress, but if you rush to make the decisions and are at least 18 months away, you run the risk of a new design hitting the catwalks that you fall in love with that could leave you feeling unhappy with the one you bought.

If you fall in Love with a bridal gown fairly quickly ask the shop to find out if it has any plans to be discontinued. Then ask how long it takes to arrive and ask them to keep you updated if anything changes. Keep a tag on it and if nothing has caught your eye and you are now only 9/10 months from your wedding day, then revisit the shop and put your dress on order, relax, and don’t shop anymore.

Remember some dresses may be in the shops for a good 2-4 years if it’s still selling well, so you don’t have to panic that you cannot get your hands on it.

Another tip is don’t take too many people with you.

The larger the entourage you have, the more opinions you will receive and you will never come to a decision. So take someone with you that you really value their opinion, regardless of what role they may play on your wedding day, but remember ultimately the most important person is YOU!

I had a client a few years back that took her fiancé because that’s whose opinion she trusted the most. Nothing wrong with that! It was something else they shared on their journey together.

Our advice, when you first decide to go bridal shopping put aside what you think you may want and just try on each different style of wedding dress

Once you have tried on the styles you will instinctively know which one you felt the best in and therefore you will have now narrowed down the style of dress.

Then all is left is the fun of choosing which one to pick. with or without lace, pockets, a horse hem finish, high neck, low back, embellishments, colour etc. All these variants can be found much easier once you have found your ideal style and will make your shopping experience much more fun in finding your ideal wedding dress.

There will be dresses that suit certain shapes and your bridal experts at the shop will be able to direct you on your shape if you are unsure which you are.

Don’t panic if you found the ultimate dress in every way but you feel it’s too plain

There are an abundance of items on the market that you can add to the dress with the help of a seamstress. You can have embellishments, or even a sewn on diamonte belt that could be just the thing to make it the perfect wedding gown for you whilst making it unique.


Do remember that every bridal shop has to order your chosen dress based around your body size and the dress is made for you only, so you cannot then cancel it without financial repercussions. It’s not like a high street store where you get 28 days to change your mind, so make sure you are 100% .

Finally, and importantly make sure you tell the shop what your budget is. There is little point them showing you a beautiful dress that it outside of your budget and then feeling disappointed that you just cannot afford it.

Don’t start married life in debt. If you feel that your wedding is going to be a struggle, pick a date further away giving yourself more time to save, which also means you could achieve a higher cost dress.

Happy Shopping love BusyBrides xxx

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