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Need a passport for your Honeymoon?

Passports set to increase in price!

So you're getting married soon and you know that your Honeymoon is imminent, so you need to know that Passports are set to increase., so here's how to beat the price increase sooner than later.

Whether you're getting a passport for the first time, or just renewing an old one, prices are going up on 27 March - but if you're due to renew in 2018 you can beat the hikes.

When do I need to renew my passport?

Passports are valid for ten years but some countries require you to have at least six months left on yours.

Countries that require at least six months from your date of entry left on your passport include China, Egypt, Fiji, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

New Zealand requires you have a least a month left from your date of exit, and many countries also require visas so check before you travel – has a full country-by-country list of entry requirements.

So what's the cheapest way to get a passport?

The only site you'll ever need to go to is the website. It has options for getting your first passport, renewing an old one or getting one for your child. Here are the costs and how long it takes:

  • Adult (three weeks) – £72.50 (£85.50 for the jumbo 48-page passport)

  • Adult (one week) – £103 (£111 for the jumbo 48-page passport)

  • Adult (one day) – £128 for the four-hour premium service (£137 for the 48-pager)

  • Child (three weeks) – £46 (no jumbo option)

  • Child (one week) – £87 (there's no premium one-day service for child passports)

These prices will go up on 27 March - by £3 for online applications and £12.50 for postal applications.

How can I avoid the price hikes?

You can renew early - and you can do this even if your passport doesn't expire until 26 December 2018, without losing out because when you renew, the time left on your existing passport is added to your new one, up to a maximum of nine months.

If your passport's due to run out on 26 December 2018. You can renew on 26 March and pay the current cheaper prices - but you won't lose any time on your passport and your new one will be valid until 26 December 2028.

Even if your passport expires just after 26 December 2018, it may still be worth renewing early and losing a few days from your expiry date. For example, if your passport is due to expire on 31 December this year, and you renew on 26 March, your new passport will be valid until 26 December 2028 but it may still be worth it overall.

So if you need a new passport for your honeymoon, or you have just got married and you want to change your name, make sure you apply before 27 March to beat the increase (though if you've changed your name and already have travel booked, be careful, as the name on your passport will likely need to match the name on your booking).

Just make sure that you get the right official govenment site. If you do need help, the Post Office's Check & Send service ensures you've included the correct documents, that your photos don't breach any of the restrictions and that you've filled in the forms correctly. It'll also send your application by special delivery, all for the cost of £9.75.

When it comes to your wedding budget, every penny helps!

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