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What can I buy my Bridesmaids?

I wrote this blog last year that I feel that shouldn't be ignored just because it's no longer Year of the Woman !

We celebrate women all over the world on International Women's Day but it shouldn't stop at that one day and where better to continue empowering women than with your very own bridal party right?

I'm sure the reason they are your Bridesmaids is because they are your nearest and dearest and no doubt are among the most kindhearted, and generous women you know so, why not give them a gift that empowers women?

For all their love and support your bridesmaids definitely deserve a thank you and, as most brides opt to give a pretty present just for them.

Since you probably still have a to do list a mile long, we did some of the legwork to show you some potential gifts that will show your Bridesmaids just how much you appreciate them, that also help women in need!

Purchasing any of these gifts below supports the slide of women's and gender equality charities and empowers women around the world.

What better way to celebrate your women, thanking your bridesmaids by celebrating all women?

Clicking here will take you to the buying page that also gives you more information.

Giving this gift is only £13.00

International Women's Day

Around the world, poverty often hits women the hardest. They have fewer rights, fewer resources and fewer opportunities. But your gift helps to change all that

Giving this gift is only £13.00

International Women's Day - Bridesmaid Gift

Moominmamma knew that everyone has the power to be extraordinary - just like Ninny, from the classic Moomin tale The Invisible Child, but around the world today, you're more likely to be poor and powerless if you're a woman - and you're more likely to feel invisible.

Giving this gift is only £17.00

International Women's Day - Bridesmaid Gift

Maternal healthcare isn’t always high on government agendas, especially in some of the poorest countries in the world. But your gift will help Oxfam work with families to press for better healthcare, so more parents can call on doctors and midwives – no matter where they live

Giving this gift is only £18.00

International Women's Day - Bridesmaid Gift

Getting more children into school. Making sure families can get the healthcare they need. Defending women’s rights – to things like land and earning an income. It all works. And it all starts with gifts like this one. A decent education can change everything

Feeling Generous? Giving this gift is £45.00

International Women's Day - Bridesmaid Gift

Your gift could help ensure every woman can live free from fear. One in three women around the world regularly faces some form of violence – often from their partner. But your gift can help women escape violence, claim their civil rights, develop skills, and put pressure on governments.

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