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A hot wedding Day

So back in March this year I got a lovely email from Neil, who had sadly already been let down by a supplier and he and his lovely future wife Jill were looking for a Toastmaster. The idea, apparently, was driven by Neil's Mum, a lovely lady who seemed to already know the value a Toastmaster can bring to the organisation of your day. The good thing is that I have the added benefit of being a wedding planner in the first instance so I'm prepared for all eventualities.

Men take note that a LOT of the planning was completed by Neil. Every communication I had was from Neil, so grooms to be out there, it is possible to get a look in lol...

Anyway for anyone that has married at Colville Hall will be only to familiar with the many challenges that one has to face working with this venue, so this was certainly an interesting journey and I was only glad that they had chosen myself for such a complex venue to help them with the situations that arose along the way.

However when the day finally come along in June, the weather was the hottest day we had so far in the year at that point. It was a beautiful day, all the suppliers worked well together and it was just a lovely day all around. The Bride looked absolutely stunning, in fact they both did, and it was such a pleasure to work their wedding day as their Toastmaster with some planning thrown in!

Here is what they had to say about my services

Hi Sian,

Jill and I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your hard work on our wedding day.

You made the lead up to the day itself so much more manageable. Nothing was too much to ask and you sorted out the unforseen issues for us so quickly and with no worries that it really took the stress out those situations.

We really appreciated how you made yourself available for those little problems that would otherwise could have turned into big issues for us. And on the day itself you made sure it all ran smoothly, and even helped sort out a medical emergency!

You were worth your weight in gold and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who was embarking on that journey that is sorting out a wedding!

Thank you Neil & Jill for your kind words, it was such a pleasure to work for you both. You both looked fabulous and so incredibly happy. I hope you both had a perfect day and I wish you all the luck with your new move now that you are back from your honeymoon. Take care and please do keep in touch. Sian xxx

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