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A beautiful Kent Wedding

In September I worked for Esin & Naomi on their wedding day as their on the day coordinator. They had their reception in a beautiful Barn in Ashford, Kent called Ruffyness Barn. This was a very old and rustic barn in the middle of nowhere.

This for me was probably the most challenging weddings I have worked on so far. I always say hiccups are a common theme, but this day was the most extreme and certainly one that I wouldn't wish for anyone to try and manage their day without a coordinator. However, whilst the day was challenging, it was also one of the most inspirational weddings I have ever had the pleasure of working. I loved working for Naomi & Esin. They were both so respectful and beautiful people both inside and out. Below is their lovely testimonial for BusyBrides. Thank you guys, I know we will be friends forever.

We met Sian at a Wedding Fair and were immediately impressed by her passion for her work and her humbleness.

I remember my sister-in-law speaking with Sian and suggesting she charged more for her work. Sian’s response stuck in my mind “It pays enough for my bills and me and my dog so it’s good for me”.

We live in a world where so many are in search of a quick buck and a way to make the most money doing the least amount of work. This really is not Sian and Busy Brides. We booked Sian for the ‘on the day coordination’ package, however, some 10 months in advance Sian was sending through suggestions, contacting potential suppliers and negotiating on our behalf. It did not matter the request, Sian always had an answer, a suggestion and speedy response.

As the wedding drew nearer and the to do list seemed endless, Sian was an absolute legend. Sian’s attention to detail and organisation skills are superb. We had our 3+ hour meeting a month before the wedding which was extremely helpful and highlighted a number of little things we had overlooked.

On the day Sian was spectacular. She really was a central part of the day and ensured everything ran smoothly. By this point too, Sian felt like one of our friends and we loved her presence on the day. I really cannot recommend Busy Brides enough.

Sian is an absolute professional and genuinely amazing person. Her personality is great, she is always smiling and clearly genuinely happy to help.

When you come in contact with a lady like Sian who delivers such a superb service, all you want to do is spread the word so that others can experience the quality Sian and Busy Brides has to offer.

Thank you Sian for helping to make our special day even more special.

Esin & Naomi

That was a lovely testimonial and I really did feel that I was part of your friends and famiily on the day and working with uncle Denis on his MCing was great fun too. What an amazing group of people and Esin, your speech was a true inspiration to me. I look forward to recommending you to my clients going forward too.

Here are a couple of my photos from the day

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