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London Excel Prize Raffle

BusyBrides Prize Raffle Results

Well last weekend saw us exhibit at the Wedding Fairs Show at London Excel. They had around 150 expert suppliers at the show to help give brides and grooms both inspiration they may need for a perfect wedding day. From teeth whitening for that beautiful smile for your photos, stunning displays of flowers, the amazing innovative pop up cakes by Freddies PushCakes (more coming on that company soon, one to watch people) your Transport and of course us, BusyBrides. I provide planning services from on the day coordination to full wedding planning and everything in between such as RSVP services, Websites, Flipflops, Candy Cart, Memory Lockets. I am also a professionally trained Toastmaster. I provide a completely bespoke and personalised service that is unique to you.

I always find that there are never enough genuine giveaways at the wedding faiairs, merely show offers or prizes that involve you still using their services in some capacity i.e. 10% off your wedding make up etc or hair. Whilst this is lovely, it’s only any great to you if you want it! I like to offer you something physical that you can use and make it worth your while filling out that form.

So this show I was giving away a beautiful basket of 20 wedding flip flops on the Saturday, which turned out was in so much demand, I decided to run the same offer on the Sunday, instead of my original plans in offering a bespoke website design for your wedding day.

For those of you that were not successful on the draw, if wish to buy some flip-flops for your wedding day, please just drop me an email stating what you would like. Here are the prices below.

The wedding baskets (above) include 20 pairs of wedding heart design flip flops, all in organza bags for £60.

I can also provide you with different colours which come in packs of ten. So for a wedding basket of 20 with colours (up to two different colours) with organza bags would be £55.00 and £20.00 per additional ten ordered.

I make orders every couple of weeks (unless needed urgently), so get your order in today so that you are not disappointed. According to how busy my stockist is is whether they have your colour and size in stock and available so do let me know in advance to avoid disappointment.

Raffle Results

So, this is what you are waiting for, the results of the prize draw. The lucky winner from Saturday 3rd October draw is a Bride to Be called Isabelle Hoy who is due to get married on the 8th September next year at The Sheene Mill in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire. We asked her for her story of how she met her partner, her proposal and of course if she has suffered any issues planning her wedding or any great finds she can share with you all, below is her wonderful response below.

Firstly our lucky Bride to Be Winner for the Sunday prize raffle draw is Donna Bloomfield who is due to get married on the 31st July next year at Houchins Farm. HOWEVER, Donna has still yet to respond, which is why I am late getting out my prize draw information. If I don’t hear back from Donna by Friday, I will make a re-draw where you are all back in the chance to win a basket of flipflops so keep an eye out for a new email next week!

Isabelle Hoy says “Wow I'm really surprised I've won! And what a fantastic surprise it is! Thank you!

Where do I start with the wedding planning, there have been ups and downs and times where I have been jumping up and down with excitement, and tearing my hair out with choices!

Once we had found our venue for me that was when everything started to make sense with timings, decorations and everything else that goes with the day and that's where the real fun began. Although we had originally planned to get married on a Saturday a whole year in advance trying to book a venue was proving difficult, (it turns out a year in the wedding world is nothing!). We finally decided after viewing our final venue that the Saturday was just not going to be able to be done in our time frame so we began to discuss weekdays..... I know a weekday? I thought the same but as it goes we saved thousands by having our wedding on a Thursday!

I would definitely recommend if you are going for a church wedding then a venue for the reception, to book the reception venue first as we found out it’s much easier to get your church date than venue date! Now I have started planning I'm dreading the day it's all done! I would say have fun, don't stress and remember the day is for you and your better half over anything! Enjoy!

How we met... I and my lovely fiancé Ivan had actually dated 10 years previous. We were young and things changed and we parted ways, then one fateful evening 7 years later I bumped into him in the ever so romantic petrol garage! We exchanged hello's and thought that was it.....For about a week I heard nothing then suddenly on the Friday afternoon I had a text, it was Ivan! He asked me for a drink that night, I went, the spark came back and the rest is history!

As for the proposal....I had just started my new job at a local hospital, it was a Friday night and he decided we would go out for a drink to celebrate! We jumped in the car but I soon realised we weren't driving to the usual local.

We pulled up outside the restaurant we had our first date at, a little confused I just thought he was being romantic and went in. I looked over from the bar at the table we had sat at that first night we had re kindled things and to my surprise it was covered in rose petals and candles he led me over got down on one knee and proposed!!!! I said YES of course!

The most amazing part of my story is the ring he had for me was made from the first diamond my dad ever bought my mum, he had it re set! This meant the world as my dad had passed three years earlier after 40 years married to my mum!

Well thanks Izzy so much for sharing your wonderful story and of course your top tip on getting your wedding venue booked before your church. That is a great bit of advice for all of you yet to find your venue.


I gave many of you various hints and tips for your wedding day, either regarding your dress hunting and buying, your floral arrangements or your photography… I really enjoyed helping so many of you this weekend sharing my knowledge to help you save your valuable budget. For those of you that may have missed my brochure, here it is online so that you can take a look through (link below). It’s full of tips and hints for your wedding day. When I next update it, I’ll be adding Izzy’s top tip too!

If any of you have any top tips that you want to share with other Brides & Grooms, please feel free to share with BusyBrides and I’ll put this on my Raves page for other couples to take full advantage off.

Please keep an eye out for my next newsletter which will give you some hints and tips for when you are visiting wedding fairs, as the season is now upon us right through to March/April next year.

Finally I would like to thank all you lovely couples that entered our raffle and come by to see us. Good luck with your wedding planning. If you need a day coordinator, a toastmaster or help with your planning, please do get in touch on or 07717765188

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