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Natalie & Ian

My husband and I have always been a little different, so when we decided to get married of course it had to be weird!! I knew from the minute we decided that we wanted a festival style wedding with nothing but a field I was going to need help. 


When I finally come across Sian it was like the light bulb had finally turned on and she was completely on our wavelength, nothing phased her or surprised her, she had completely embraced what we were trying to achieve.


When I was stressed she was calm and kept reassuring us that we were all on track.  I know Sian is in much demand and at no point did we feel like we were just another client for every question there was an answer for every problem there was a solution, we didn't even know there were problems until after they had been solved.


When the planning was over and the wedding was here I thought Sian can clearly not top her performance from the previous 2 years, but if by magic she did, she completely blew us away and we could not have asked for a better wedding, in fact, it exceeded our expectations. 


We could not have done this without her and any bride and groom that use Sian in the future are very lucky to have her as part of their experience. 



We cannot thank Sian and of course Chris enough for everything they have done, we are sad the wedding over but also because this journey we have been on with Sian is over.........We best start saving for a renewal of vows!

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