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You are a couple that has decided that the new micro-weddings the pandemic has brought us will suit you perfectly. It's the ideal opportunity to have a small wedding day OR you may just be a couple that was all set to have the perfect wedding day in 2020 and found yourself postponing and now looking to consider a micro-wedding now to commemorate your date and considering a larger event later.

So what is a micro wedding exactly?  It is basically a ceremony and/or reception with 30 guests or less.

You can expect

  • Initial Consultation/Wedding Planning Meeting

  • 2 Planning meetings (at home/onsite)

  • 3 Planning meetings via video

  • Finding your perfect venue 

  • 1 Key Site Supplier Meeting

  • Handpicked Suppliers to suit your wedding design

  • Contract review

  • Budget Management

  • Development of the perfect Timeline

  • Wedding Day Management from the start to the end with precision timing

  • Unlimited hours to plan your perfect wedding day

  • Complimentary Celebrant Led Service (if required)

  • The main point of contact for guests and suppliers

You can expect to pay discounted planning fees of only 7.5% of your overall wedding budget with a minimum fee of £2,500**

Small weddings do not have to mean small impact.  Having planned small elopements from as little as 7, we know exactly how to bring to life a perfect intimate wedding day and still look the part.

Whilst smaller weddings may not seem so daunting to plan, they still demand time to ensure it is perfect.  So why not let us take the stress of planning away from you. 


Whether you want to have a micro wedding to replace your original larger wedding day and spend the same budget to give your guests a more luxurious day, or you want to take this opportunity to reduce your costs, we can plan the perfect day for you.

Whilst your wedding may reduce in size wedding, we still provide the same high-quality service so just because this is a micro wedding we will still put in the maximum effort.  

We are there for you right from the start of your planning to the last minutes of your perfect day, regardless of how micro your wedding is.

Our hours working at your wedding planning are unlimited and we work around your busy schedule to give you the best support you need.  So let us help plan your perfect micro celebration.

Elopements are not what they used to be where you just disappeared to get married without anyone knowing.  Now it tends to be seen as a perfect option for an intimate wedding blessing with a good way to keep numbers down.  Or you may be dealing with complicated family dynamics.  Some just see it as an exciting adventure and a romantic way to tie the knot in a different country. 


Our elopements do not have to be small but an elopement is with an overseas client getting married in the UK and this requires a different level of service.

You can expect

  • Initial Consultation via skype

  • Searching your ideal venue

  • A site visit of your final venue choice (on your behalf)

  • Monthly Planning Meetings via video

  • 1 Face to face Planning meeting once you get to the UK

  • 1 Key Site Supplier Meeting

  • Handpicked Suppliers to suit your wedding design

  • Contract review

  • Budget Management

  • Development of the perfect Timeline

  • Wedding Day Management from the start to the end with precision timing

  • Unlimited hours to plan your perfect wedding day

  • The main point of contact for guests and suppliers

  • Doman and basic website designed in line with your theme colours

  • Celebrant-led ceremony (at a reduced fee) if required

You can expect to pay discounted planning fees for weddings under 40 people of 7.5% of your overall wedding budget/10% of your budget for 40+ guests, with a minimum fee of £2,500.

We have the time and patience to ensure that we can work around your timezones.  We completely appreciate it is not easy trying to organise a UK celebration when you outside of the time zone you wish to marry, or being many miles away, or maybe just not understanding how the locals work and if they are a reliable and trusted supplier.

This is where we pull together your complete wedding vision to create, plan and manage your dream celebration.  We have the knowledge, expertise and contacts to plan and carry out your wedding to sheer perfection.   Everything is designed around your hopes and dreams and we connect with suppliers that suit your style celebration whatever your vision.

On the day itself, we take care of everything.  We act as the main point of call leaving you to fully switch off, relax and celebrate with your loved ones however small or large your celebration is.


Planning hours working on your event are unlimited and we work the best we can around your timezone to give you the support you need. So let us help plan the perfect celebration.



We have designed and or managed many different types of weddings that no matter what style of design you both long for, we have the knowledge, expertise and quality suppliers on board to pull off your perfect wedding day.

Our clients find it useful to have a discovery call to chat through all your requirements and how we can help make your vision a reality.  If you would like a discovery call, then just drop us an email here  or book your call using this link  


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